Rep. Farmer ends law firm advertising campaign touting lawmaker role

State Rep. Andrew Farmer, a likely choice to become House judiciary chairman had an unrelated leadership vote turned out differently, has abandoned a billboard campaign for his law firm touting his role as “an actual lawmaker,” The Tennessean’Joel Ebert reports.

“Who better to argue the law than an actual lawmaker?” read the billboards advertising Farmer’s personal injury, criminal defense, and family law practice.

Farmer said he sought approval from the state Board of Professional Responsibility and ethics officials about the language used in the ads before putting them up. He then started getting calls from constituents raising concerns.

“The first phone call I got, they said, it might be some people are taking this the wrong way,” Farmer told the paper. He then decided to change the billboards.

Farmer, of Sevierville, is the chairman of the House criminal justice subcommittee. He was widely believed to be the frontrunner to succeed House Judiciary Chairman Michael Curico had the latter won his bid for House Republican Caucus chairman. But Curcio lost to Rep. Jeremy Faison (R-Cosby), so nothing has changed within the Judiciary Committee.

Farmer said he doesn’t use his elected office to drum up business.

“When I talk to clients … I don’t say, ‘Hey hire me because I’m in the legislature,'” he said. “I think that’s over the line.”

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4 Responses to Rep. Farmer ends law firm advertising campaign touting lawmaker role

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    MARLE says:

    Sounds like ” truth in advertising” to me……Very Refreshing. Let the billboard stand, as is.

    • Avatar
      Lenny says:

      We need to get Stuart “Boss Crump” Anderson’s divine wisdom before we make our judgment. He, with his Heritage scores and consultancy for the Star, is more powerful than the Tennessee Supreme Court.

      • Avatar
        MARLE says:

        Remember that long-ago, quaint notion that ‘citizen lawmakers” would serve for a short time and then go home to live under the laws they created? That has changed a bit. Now they live OFF OF the laws they create and don’t have to wait to “go home” to cash in.

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    Bobby Earl says:

    This is what you get from open primaries.

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