Randy Boyd’s latest TV commercial, “Law and Order”

Press release from Randy Boyd campaign

Nashville, Tenn. — Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, released a new television commercial today highlighting his conservative commitment to supporting law enforcement and cracking down on violent crime, drugs, and gangs.

“The number one priority of our Governor must be to keep our communities safe and secure,” Boyd says in the 30-second ad that features a number of local law enforcement officials who are advising him as part of his statewide law enforcement coalition.

The ad will run across network and cable channels and may also be viewed on HERE.

“I’ve listened carefully and worked closely with law enforcement officials in every corner of the state, and what I hear consistently is we must work harder and smarter together if we are going to keep every neighborhood in our state safe from crime, drugs, and gangs,” said Boyd. “Violent crime in our state is on the rise, so when violent offenders do the crime, they must do the time, and we will make that clear with a strong emphasis on truth in sentencing,” Boyd said.

In the last year, the Boyd campaign has hosted a series of public safety roundtables across Tennessee to engage local sheriffs, police, district attorneys, victims rights advocates, and community leaders in assessing the state of public safety in Tennessee.

As a result of this collaboration, more than 45 law enforcement leaders endorsed Boyd in February and will advise him on public safety issues: “We support Randy Boyd for Governor because he supports us,” said City of Jackson Chief of Police Julian Wiser.

Boyd’s new TV ad on law and order follows his two most recent ads on K-12 education and job creation – as he continues his campaign to make Tennessee THE State of Opportunity for ALL citizens.

“Tennessee is blessed with brave men and women who put their lives on the line each day to enforce the law and I am proud to stand with them,” said Boyd.

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