Randy Boyd’s fourth TV commercial

Press release from Randy Boyd campaign

Nashville, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, launched his fourth campaign commercial “K to J” (Kindergarten to Job) which highlights Boyd’s commitment to education and better preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

The 30-second ad highlights Boyd interacting with students from pre-school to high school as he shares the most important academic test for parents and communities is whether our students are ready to go to work after graduation.

“We must bring back technical education to our schools and teach job-ready skills so every Tennessean has the opportunity to get the skills they need to get a great job,” says Boyd.

The statewide broadcast and cable TV buy will begin airing on Thursday, March 29. The full ad may also be viewed on YouTube here and on the campaign’s social media.

“Randy Boyd is the only candidate who has already served our state as an education leader and special advisor, and as our state’s Economic Development commissioner.  He knows we must make sure all children have the opportunity to learn and that we must make technical education and real job skills more readily available,” said Chip Saltsman, Campaign CEO. “This ad speaks directly to Randy’s experience and leadership in aligning education opportunity with growing the Tennessee economy,” said Saltsman.

As the architect of Tennessee’s Drive to 55 education and workforce development initiative, Boyd helped create the state’s Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect scholarship programs as well as founded the non-profit tnAchieves organization comprised of thousands of volunteer mentors across the state who guide students through the college process.  The Drive to 55 works to ensure every Tennessean has the opportunity to earn a college degree or technical certificate.  The goal is 55 percent holding a credential by 2025.

Earlier this month, Boyd announced a blue-ribbon team of educators, including several former Tennessee “Teacher of the Year’ from across the state, to advise him on education policy. The release may be viewed here. Boyd has also been active in launching and supporting innovative Community Schools in Knoxville to help boost the success of more low-income students.

“We believe that Randy’s message of ‘kindergarten to a great job’ speaks to two things Tennesseans care most about: education and the economy,” said Saltsman. “This ad will give them a closer look into Randy’s vision of truly making Tennessee the ‘Smartest State in the South.’”


6 Responses to Randy Boyd’s fourth TV commercial

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    James White says:

    It should not be the purpose of Education to Train for Work. If industry needs trained people, let them pay for it and leave the taxpayer out of it. The purpose of an education is to teach people basic fundamentals of math, science, history, geography, writing, …etc; basically how to learn and teach one’s self.
    Things like music, sports, shop, technical programs, should be left to the Private industry or the Family.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Indeed, the problem is Randy! has never held elective office so we don’t really know how he would handle the mundane tasks of picking and choosing among the priorities of the electorate. Given Randy’s firm identification with the most liberal elements of the Republican Party, conservatives have reason to fear the choices Randy! will make and those he will ignore. Both Diane Black and Beth Harwell on the other hand have a long history in elective office during which they were at least sensitive to the priorities of conservatives, if not always enthusiastic.

    For my fellow conservatives there is simply no reason to risk as much as eight years of struggle with an unproven candidate of decidedly centrist inclinations like Randy! Boyd. Nor given Tennessee’s failure to have runoffs, should we foolishly divide our votes among three other candidates only to see Randy! win with 32% of the votes. Better to strategically wait until the election day is upon us and see who has the best chance of defeating Randy! and give that candidate our votes because for conservatives it’s ANYBODY BUT BOYD!

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    James White says:

    There appear to be MANY running (or will run) cutoff is in a few days..

    [ Bill Haslam (R)* – Term-Limited in 2018. ]
    John Quincy Adams (R)
    Diane Black (R) – Congresswoman, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Retired Nurse
    Randy Boyd (R) – Ex-State Economic Development Commissioner & Businessman
    Palmer Harris (R)
    Beth Harwell (R) – State House Speaker, Ex-State GOP Chair & College Professor
    James Lauderdale Jr (R) – IT Specialist
    Bill Lee (R) – Businessman & Rancher
    Basil Marceaux (R) – Businessman, Vietnam Veteran & Frequent Candidate
    Sandra McBee (R) – Drug Legalization Activist
    Eddie Murphy (R)
    Kay White (R) – Realtor, Ex-Restaurant Owner & Ex-Farmer
    Mark Clayton (D) – Insurance Agent, Army Veteran & ’08/’12 US Sen Candidate
    Karl Dean (D) – Ex-Nashville Mayor, Ex-Nashville Law Director & Ex-Nashville Public Defender
    T. Allen Clough (D) – Mechanical Engineer, Evangelist & Marijuana Legalization Activist
    Craig Fitzhugh (D) – State House Minority Leader, Bank CEO, Attorney & USAF Veteran
    John Nelson (D)
    Mezianne Payne (D) – Medical Marijuana Legalization Activist
    Marcus Baker (I)
    James Baxter (I) – ’12/’14 State Sen Candidate
    Mark “Coonrippy” Brown (I) – Entertainer, Ex-Animal Control Officer & ’14 Candidate
    Joshua Eakle (I) – Marketing Executive & Libertarian Activist
    Sean Fleming (I)
    James Hale (I) – ’10 State Rep Candidate
    Elizabeth Hamilton (I)
    William Helmstetter (I)
    Chris Hodge (I)
    Ashley Hughes (I)
    Cory King (I)
    Matt Koch (I) – Graduate Student
    Daniel Lewis (I) – Teacher & Frequent Candidate
    John McAfee (I) – Venture Capitalist, Libertarian Activist & ’16 Presidential Candidate
    Tommy McAnally (I)
    Jessie McDonald (I) – Electronics Engineer, Radio Announcer & Frequent Candidate
    Lonnie Miller (I)
    Toney Randall Mitchell (I)
    Patricia Neubert (I)
    Carlos Rawls (I)
    Chad Riden (I) – Comedian
    Shaine Robbins (I)
    Robert Sawyers Sr. (I) – ’16 St Rep Candidate & ’15 Nashville City Council Candidate
    Heather Scott (Libertarian) – Attorney & ’10 State Rep Candidate
    David Sexton (I)
    George Smith (I)
    Jeremy Stephenson (I)
    Ryan Stuart (I)
    Tracy Tisdale (I)
    Mike Toews (I)
    Nicholas von Werssowetz (I)
    Jaron Weidner (I) – Coffee Shot Owner & Libertarian Activist
    Joe Wilmoth (I) – Software Developer, ’14 US Sen Candidate & ’10 State Sen Candidate
    Mark Wright (I) – Business Manager

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    Lance Persson says:

    When you evaluate all the candidates for governor, one stands out far above the others, BILL LEE.

    Bill has all the qualifications needed for being our state governor unless you require experience in making political deals. He is a skilled and successful business man that focuses on solving problems not on being politically correct. He places doing what is right for the people of Tennessee above doing what is best for a political career. You won’t find that in the other candidates if you look at what they have done rather just what they say they have done. BILL LEE is the man for me. Bill Lee’s priority will be to do what is good for all Tennesseans.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    People, anybody that watch any political commercial or believe any of ithem are true. Your probably on something. Do really think the candidates are paying for them? RIGHT. ALSO, GUESS who will paying maintenance on the NEW SOCCER STADIUM? You got it the tax payer. Guess who’s paying the maintenance on the TATIAN STADIUM Right again. People we are paying tax on all this and more and the millionaires are laughing and getting richer. Also, do you people still THINK SPORTS ARE REAL. FOLKS this is the way all this works from what I see thousands of tickets are given away to make these big time sports are working, WAKE UP PEOPLE LOOKS LIKE A GIMMICK TO. By the way II must not be part of click I haven’t received my free ticket and don’t want one. Anybody but JUDD MATHENY FOR CONGRESS. People just THINK HOW MUCH MORE USE WE WOULD GET OUT OF THE TAX DOLLARS THAT ARE SPENT ON MAINTENANCE MONEY ON THE MENTIONED STADIUMS LET THE MILLIONAIRES PAY FOR THESE THINGS IF THEY WANT ANY STADIUM. FEED HOMELESS,TEACHER PAY RAISES,POT HOLES,CRIME,DRUGS,. Also how would any taxpayer like for your legislation build you a home and never worry about paying any maintenances . WOW! I believe all this is a fact.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Hey. If you BELIEVE BII LEE IS a STAND OUT, HIM and all the other so called big names ain’t going to do ANYTHING for anybody unless, your on their pay scale. People don’t BUY IT. ANYBODY BUT BIG MONEY. PEOPLE , elect a person that has had to work for a living

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