Provisional ballots add to former pro wrestler’s victory margin in Knox County GOP mayor contest

With provisional ballots counted, former professional wrestler Glenn Jacobs’ Republican primary victory in this week’s Knox County mayoral election increased from 17 votes to 23, reports the News Sentinel. Runner-up Brad Anders, a county commissioner, conceded once the final unofficial count was completed.

Twelve Republican provisional ballots were counted and added to Tuesday’s total. Jacobs, the WWE wrestler known by the stage name Kane, picked up seven votes.  Anders picked up one, and fellow challenger Bob Thomas picked up four.

“I thought (the process) was extremely transparent and open and explained very well,” Jacobs said. “I thought the Election Commission did a fantastic job.”

Afterwards, Anders thanked Jacobs for a good campaign and wished him luck.

“We just wanted to see that the work was complete … it was a long shot to get anything overturned from election night,” Anders said. “Congratulations to Glenn, he ran a great campaign and I look forward to working with him during my two (remaining) years on Commission.”

Election results will be certified May 21.

After the results were tallied Tuesday, a grand total of 43 provisional ballots were collected and set aside to be reviewed Thursday afternoon. The county’s provisional ballot counting board reviewed the paper selections, which were kept unopened inside a locked box inside a locked safe.

Note: The News Sentinel also collected social media commentary on the “Kane” win (mostly tweets) and, under a headline declaring a “worldwide buzz” was afoot, reported them HERE.

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    Steve L. says:

    Another “anti” blue wave candidate. The Conservative electorate seems to be going farther right of center with this primary win. Add to this a primary win by Law & Order focused Tom Spangler for the Sherrif’s office and the election cycle of 2018 is shaping up nicely. And perhaps bigger than both of those items was the voter turnout in Knox County. County Mayor Republican votes: 40,545. Democrat votes: 7,662. And for Sherrif’s Office Republican: 40,467. Democrat: No candidate. Conservatives are not losing the battle for the soul of this state in the primaries this time. And liberalism is a morally bankrupt and uninspiring philosophy.

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