Prominent Tennessee businesses laud Lee effort to move Forrest bust

A group of prominent Tennessee businesses is lauding Gov. Bill Lee’s efforts to move the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest out of the state Capitol.

The Monday letter was signed by 34 companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Bridgestone, Cracker Barrel, FedEx, Google, HCA Healthcare, Nissan, Unum, Vanderbilt, and Volkswagen. The letter was also signed by Pilot Co., the truckstop chain controlled by the family of former Gov. Bill Haslam.

Here’s the text of the letter:

Dear Governor Lee:

We, the businesses listed below, wish to applaud you and the State Capitol Commission for taking an important first step towards the removal of the bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest 
from the Tennessee State Capitol building.

This controversial bust was installed in the Capitol in 1978 despite widespread objections and remains a symbol of oppression for many Tennesseans. A statue of a man who was the first Grand Wizard of the
Ku Klux Klan should not be granted a place of honor in the State Capitol, a building that must remain a beacon of hope, liberty, and democracy.

As leading businesses and corporations in the state, we recognize our  obligation to stand for equality and justice — not just for our employees, but for all Tennesseans. Honoring those who propagated racism and prejudice only serves to further divide our communities and reinforce inequities in our society.

We strongly urge the Tennessee Historical Commission to vote for the prompt removal of the Forrest bust from the Tennessee State Capitol building and ask all Tennessee policymakers to consider additional avenues to recognize wrongs against the Black community and make racial justice a priority. 

10 Responses to Prominent Tennessee businesses laud Lee effort to move Forrest bust

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    Eddie White says:

    Be careful when you begin to lean too heavily on corporate America to guide your moral and political decisions. They will always act in a way that they perceive to help their bottom line. That seems to always be the most politically correct avenue.

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      John says:

      Also known as the Free Market. Businesses have the duty to maximize profit for their shareholders. MyPillow would be a Fortune 500 company if they realized the majority of Americans don’t like Donald Trump or Nathan Bedford Forrest.

  • I did not see the Lee Company on the list. Maybe The Gov wearing a confederate uniform In his spare time is something he really does enjoy. I saw Pilot on here, but this article makes no mention of the terrorist attack at their facility in Knoxville, so does that mean they support such attacks on unarmed employees? I did not see the Bureau of Land Management’ s logo on here either.

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      Perry Aubric says:

      What kind of ridiculous leap in logic is that? Do you really equate wanting to move a bust to the State Museum with a terrorist attack? No wonder no one takes a thing you say seriously.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    As a continuation of the Haslam administration we can expect Lee to continue to receive the applause from the oh so politically correct business community that is such an important part of the contemptible, feckless, craven Republican Establishment. Six more years of this, nothing we can do, I only hope that conservatives who voted for Lee have learned their lesson to never vote for a No Record Candidate based on campaign commercial again when there is a perfectly viable proven conservative alternative available.

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    I’m sure prominent businesses will be happy to replace Forrest with a fine bust of Charles Nagel.

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    Mary Berry says:

    BTW…Ol Nathan was a member of the Democratic Party.

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