Polls find support for expanded absentee voting during pandemic

Two polls released Tuesday indicate strong support for expanding voting by mail amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One survey conducted on behalf of Secure Democracy by Republican pollster Anchor Research and the Baker Group found 67% of Tennesseans support allowing all voters to cast absentee ballots while also keeping polling locations open. Another 31% were opposed.

A survey conducted on behalf of Vanderbilt University found 57% support voting by mail, while 42% opposed. The SSRS poll found opinions were heavily influenced by voters’ political leanings. While 81% of self-identified Democrats said they supported absentee balloting, 71% of Republicans were opposed. Among independents, 68% said they were in favor, while 32% were against.

Among other findings, Secure Democracy found a 61% to 33% approval rating for Gov. Bill Lee and a 57% to 43% favorability rating for President Donald Trump.

Vanderbilt had Lee’s approval rating at 64% to 27%, and Trump’s at 51% to 47%.

Vanderbilt polled 1,000 registered voters by phone between May 5 and May 22. It has a margin of error of ±3.8 percentage points. Secure Democracy’s online poll of 740 likley voters was conducted on May 26.

9 Responses to Polls find support for expanded absentee voting during pandemic

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    Tim Skow says:

    PLEASE … remind us the last time a Vanderbilt poll was not at least 10 points tilted towards the Liberal numbers ??? The idea that TRUMP’s approval rating in TN is only 51% is about as believable as China denying the Chinese Virus started there.

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      Please indeed says:

      And yet Vanderbilt’s numbers are less favorable for absentee voting than Ward Baker’s poll is.

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    David Collins says:

    There is no reason to fear absentee voting by mail in Tennessee. The ballots cannot be “harvested” like they were in another state because in Tennessee the ballots can only be transmitted via USPS and not picked up and hand delivered as in some states. Don’t believe all these “horror” stories. These tales are unsubstantiated and the product of conspiracy theorists who can never give you the facts, the who, when, where and how all these alleged cases of voter fraud occurred. Six or seven states have already changed their laws and vote the entire election by mailed absentee ballots and all is well. It is much more convenient for the voter and would save a fortune in expenditures for opening and staffing hundreds of polling places on election day. Tennessee should seriously consider going this route.

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      Norma Shirk says:

      Since it makes so much sense, expect the Republicans in the TN Legislature to continue opposing it. They are on the wrong side of history on the issue. But they also know that the only way they can continue to stay in power is by limiting the voting rolls to exclude as many people as possible. That sad fact about fear is true in TN and across the nation.

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    Beatrice Shaw says:

    Amen Republicans would just be happy to have their base be the only ones allowed to vote.. They will keep passing out corporate welfare if we don’t make changes.

    Just read where Kentucky going to offer health care to ALL black citizens. Tennessee needs to do the same!!

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      Cannoneer2 says:

      I can hear the Republicans now, concerning any new health care offers…… WAAAHHHH WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!!!

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    Jonathan Swift says:

    Where is Stuart when you need a laugh?

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    LeeAnn C. says:

    Good grief. Should have asked the pollee’s what current law provides. There’s plenty of provisions for absentee voting AS IS!

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