Poll: Tennesseans evenly divided on Trump travel ban

Start of a news release from icitizen after a Feb. 1-9 poll of 492 Tennessee adults:

Tennesseans have a clear split down the middle when it comes to issues of immigration, refugees, and values. Differences in age, gender, and partisan identification amplify this divide. “Independents” tip the scale in opposition to Trump’s executive actions:

Tennesseans are split down the middle when it comes to the travel ban. Fifty percent support this executive action while 49% oppose. Opposition is strongest among non-white Tennesseans (77%) and women ages 18-49 (66%).A majority (59%) of Tennesseans support accepting refugees to the United States, with 40% who oppose.

A majority (50%) percent of Tennesseans believe the U.S. has a responsibility to accept refugees into the country, with 47% who believe the U.S. does not have a responsibility.

Tennesseans are split down the middle when it comes to opinions on the border wall with Mexico, with 50% who favor building the wall and 49% who oppose. Six in 10 Independents oppose the border wall with Mexico.

Nearly three-quarters of Tennesseans (74%) believe race relations in the United States are getting worse. This sentiment is strong among both white Tennesseans (75%) and non-white Tennesseans (70%).

Note: Full release and more on details of the poll HERE.

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