Poll: Most Tennesseans support using gas tax money for bicycling and hiking trails

A poll commissioned by groups that promote bicycling and hiking indicates that most Tennesseans support an increase in the state gas tax and using some of the resulting revenue for biking and walking trails as well as highway construction and maintenance.

Gov. Bill Haslam, of course, has for two years been promoting revenue enhancement for the highway system and says he’ll finally present a plan before his state-of-the-state speech on Jan. 30.

The poll was conducted by the Center for Applied Research and Evaluation in the Social Work Office of Research & Public Service at the University of Tennessee for Bike Walk Tennessee and the Rails to Trails Conservancy. It involved a survey of 762 registered Tennessee voters in October, the groups said in a press release.

Of those surveyed, 63.8 percent said they believe more money is needed in the state’s transportation system overall and 57 percent said more money should go to biking and walking trails and public transit systems as well as to roads and bridges.

“Support for this multimodal approach is highest in small cities (64.1%), followed by towns and large cities (58.7% each), rural non-farm areas (53.6%), and small towns (50.4%),” says a summary of the poll results.

Note: The executive summary of the poll is HERE; the news release HERE.

2 Responses to Poll: Most Tennesseans support using gas tax money for bicycling and hiking trails

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    Robert Duvall says:

    BS! This is nothing more than the Libs & Big Government wanting their pet projects funded, and using a push poll or some other nefarious means to support their agenda.

  • First, 762 is a small amount of people and next can we trust UT when it is run by a bunch of liberals that know how to fudge on a poll. Secondly, did these people being polled know that Tennessee has over a billion dollars in surplus this year? I would bet they did not. Next, look at the department that is behind the poll, a group of tree huggers that dream about building bike trails and walking trails. Come on, who can believe that poll and I would not bet my tax money on that bunch!!

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