Poll finds more Tennesseans trust Trump than Haslam, Alexander or Corker

A poll conducted by the Office of Consumer Research at Middle Tennessee State University’s Jones College of Business reports that the surveyed Tennesseans trust President Donald Trump a bit more than Gov. Bill Haslam.

Overall, Trump had the trust of 38 percent of those polled and Haslam 35 percent. Both were well ahead of U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander (27 percent) and Bob Corker (28 percent). But the two senators were, in turn, well ahead of the U.S. Congress overall (18 percent). There are also some interesting findings on trust of media outlets.

Excerpt from the polling memo’s political section:

As expected, levels of trust for anything or anyone politically related vary greatly by the respondent’s political affiliation.

… It is noteworthy that Republicans have a higher level of trust in fellow Republicans in Congress (63 percent responding either “completely trust” or “somewhat trust”) than Democrats have in fellow Democrats in Congress (54 percent responding either “completely trust” or “somewhat trust”). Further, Democrats place higher trust in mainstream media outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC) than do Republicans, whereas Republicans have a relatively higher level of trust in Fox News.

The poll report is HERE. It surveyed 627 “randomly selected adult residents of Tennessee” and has a stated margin of error of 4 percent.

Some of the figures from questions about who the surveyed citizens trust:

President Donald Trump: Republicans, 77%, Democrats 9%, independents 33%; overall 38 percent.

Gov. Bill Haslam: Republicans 49% Democrats 30%, independents 30%; overall 35 percent.

Sen. Bob Corker: Republicans 40%, Democrats 22%, independents 25%; overall 28%

Sen. Lamar Alexander: Republicans 42%, Democrats 20%, independents 23%; overall 27%

Republicans in the U.S. Congress: Republicans 63%, Democrats 4%, independents 21%; overall 28%

Democrats in the U.S. Congress: Republicans 8%, Democrats 54%, independent 15%; overall 22%

U.S. Congress: Republicans 34%, Democrat 9%, independents 14%, overall 18%

Mainstream media outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS): Republicans 14%, Democrats 53%, independents 23%; overall 26%

CNN: Republicans 11%, Democrats 59%, independent 28%; overall 30 percent.

MSNBC: Republicans 13%, Democrats 50%, independents 21%; overall 25%

Fox News: Republicans 40%, Democrats 22%, independent 16%; overall 25%


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