Poll finds partisan divide on return of high school sports in Nashville

A poll commissioned by Baker Group Strategies finds 49% of Nashvillians support allowing high school sports to resume play during the COVID-19 pandemic, while 45% oppose.

The feeling was stronger among Republicans, who support a return of sports without spectators by a 72% to 21% margin. Just 38% of Democrats supported a return, while 57% opposed. Fifty-three percent of indpndents support resuming sprots, while 42% oppose. Democrats support is just 38% – 57%. Among Independents support is 53% – 42%.

Here is a breakdown among various subgroups (note that the Baker group is consulting on Republican state Sen. Steve Dickerson’s re-election campaign in District 20):

New Voters 63%31%32%
Non-College Men59%35%24%
Men 45+57%39%18%
State Senate District 2051%42%9%

The phone poll of 500 registered voters found 78% find the quality of life in Nashville to be good or excellent, while 21% said it’s not so good or poor. Among college educated voters, 83% had a positive outlook on living in the city, while 71% of non-college educated voters felt the same.

However, just 37% of voters said they think Nashville is headed in the right direction, while 44% said it is going in the wrong direction.

8 Responses to Poll finds partisan divide on return of high school sports in Nashville

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Thanks liberals and mayor cooper (and his brother) for ruining the country

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      David Collins says:

      Phil, I believe your “thanks” should go to the covid-19 pandemic, that’s what has caused all the problem to begin with and ruined everything. Different politicians response to the pandemic can be debated pro and con, but the root cause of everything is the virus.

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        Perry Aubric says:

        You are so right, David. But it’s hard to reason with the deranged who are incapable of formulating ideas without the programming provided by Limbaugh and Hannity.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    LOVE IT!!! Not enough “liberals” outside of District 20 to deserve a line item. That’s about right and that’s why I love living in Tennessee outside of District 20.

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    steve cates says:

    You have an excellent director of schools. Step back and let Dr. Battle handle it. She and her teachers and staff worked hard in April and May and June and July to get ready, one of the few systems in the area that did. They are succeeding.

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    James White says:

    Invalid poll, where is the Do Not Care about Sports column?

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Up until recently those in the “Do Not Care About Sports” group were a distinct minority who had to patiently be bored by sports chit-chat EVERYWHERE. Happily it’s all slowly but surely coming to an end. The sports world has decided to become left-wing propagandists as well as providing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. This pathology has now even seeped into college sports. The NBA is the worst as it satisfies its Red Chinese masters, the NFL is racing to catch up and its only the NHL with its foreign Caucasian players that is relatively unscathed but it too is trying to be as bien pensant as possible.

      Sports were a great diversion before they became political and no diversion at all. Now the question everyone has to ask is whether they are entertaining at all. From the TV ratings apparently the answer is increasingly “NO”!

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    Eddie White says:

    You are right Stuart. I love college sports. Now more than ever we need sports as a diversion. I watch a ballgame to not think about the latest political conflict or the pandemic. Unfortunately we have to hear about both during the broadcast. I don’t give a damn what a particular player, coach, or team thinks about social justice. Play the game, ESPN broadcast the game, and keep your political opinions to yourself.

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