Plaintiffs in absentee voting case file contempt motion against state

The plaintiffs in a lawsuit over Tennessee’s absentee voting law have filed a contempt motion against the state for alleged violations of the judge’s order to immediately begin supplying mail-in ballots to anyone who asks for one.

Following last week’s ruling, State Election Coordinator Mark Goins sent an email to local officials telling them to “hold off” on sending absentee voting applications until the state could revise its forms or seek a stay in the judge’s order. The state then created a new category on its ballot application form that states voters are requesting to vote by mail because they have “determined it is impossible or unreasonable to vote in person due to the COVID-19 situation and therefore qualify as hospitalized, ill, or disabled and unable to appear at my polling place.”

The plaintiffs argue that the creation of that category wasn’t permitted by the court order, that it includes no definition of the “impossible or unreasonable” standard, and that there is no provision for someone to certify they can’t vote in person because they are caring for someone else.

“This unilateral disregard of the Court’s Order is designed to place increased scrutiny on voters who wish to do nothing more than to rely on this Court’s Order, lead to voter confusion and intimidation, and enable the state to segregate these voters’ absentee ballot requests and refrain from processing them,” according to the motion.

“The State has made calculated decisions to act contrary to the plain text of the Order and has instructed county election officials to do the same,” the plaintiffs said.

Goins told The Associated Press the state is complying and the plaintiffs aren’t citing the most up-to-date guidance.

“We are disappointed that plaintiffs have chosen to pursue a false narrative by leaving out updated guidance we distributed to counties on Friday that is being implemented,” Goins told the AP.

A hearing before Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle has been scheduled for Thursday.

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    Go get ’em, plaintiffs!! It’s time for the people to take back control of Tennessee government from entrenched, arrogant career politicians like Goins.

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    Beatrice Shaw says:

    Amen!! Don’t know Goins but I know Republicans and they are on the way out!

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    Yvonne says:

    I am grateful for the plaintiffs in this suit.

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    John says:

    Absentee ballots will be issued to members of the Universal Suffrage Church. Go their website to join and print your religious exemption application to receive your absentee ballot.

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    Victor F. Andrews says:

    I’ll bet you these “plaintiffs” go to Walmart every week. but expect us to believe they ‘fear’ going to the polls to do their citizen duty, really? Another safe bet is that their Democrat leaders can’t wait to get their hands on these ballots! Hang in there Goins, take this to the Supreme Court if you have to. The “people” that take their obligation and civic duty seriously, demand a honest and fair election with out ballot stuffing.

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      G. Lamar Wilkie says:

      The argument for mail-in ballots for anyone and everyone, because they are afraid to go to the polls and vote, is nothing but an excuse to stuff ballots. How can elections supervisors verify that voters are who they say they are; and are eligible to vote? Or even alive?

      I’d bet good money right now that advocates who demand requests for mail-in ballots, with zero interaction with any elections officials, are the same people who maintain that Voter ID laws unfairly disenfranchise low-income people, especially minorities – yet cannot produce a single disenfranchised voter who is eligible to vote in all respects, but can’t get to a DMV office for a FREE State ID. This is nothing but a tactic that lays the ground for the MASSIVE election fraud the left will need to get any candidate elected other than the incumbent president.

      • Crazy rant from another

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        David Collins says:

        The voter’s interaction with election officials happens twice. First is when the application for an absentee ballot is mailed back in to the election office. One of the things the election official does is to compare the signature on the application with the signature on the voters original permanent registration form. If they compare, the voter is mailed a ballot. When the marked ballot is returned to the election commission, in a SEALED envelope, the voter has had to sign an attestation on the removable flap that is attached to the envelope that contains the ballot. Again, only if the signatures compare does the process move forward. If they do compare, the flap is removed and the ballot, still sealed in the envelope is placed in a container that contains other marked, unopened ballots, to be processed and counted later.

        Now, Mr. Wilkie, would you please tell us how voting absentee by mail will result in the “MASSIVE” election fraud that you predict in your blog?

  • Absentee voting is solid. It’s good enough for our military. Why wouldn’t you want the military to have the best? Be like them and have the best also!! Easy to accept. Move on

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    Beth Joslin Roth says:

    34 states plus the District of Columbia already have “no excuse” absentee ballots. Five states ONLY vote by mail. There has been no widespread voter fraud related to mail in ballots. When pressed, no one can produce data to support the claim that mail in ballots are rife with fraud. However, there are plenty of studies and reports that show the opposite. Tennessee is one of the few states that doesn’t allow people to opt for a mail in ballot. We should all want people to participate in democracy by casting a vote.

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      Cannoneer2 says:

      Only voting by mail might save a significant amount of state money. I thought Republicans were all about streamlining government and saving tax dollars.

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    John says:

    I live in DC. I got an absentee ballot application in the mail and sent it in (had to pay my own postage!!!)

    I got the absentee ballot in the mail and it’s the same paper ballot they give you at the pol if you want a paper ballot instead of the machine. I had to put the ballot in a secure envelope and then put that in a bigger envelope, all of which was included in my kit from DC. I had to sign the back of the large outside envelope.

    Then mailed it.

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