Permitless carry: How they voted

House members attend a floor session in Nashville on Jan. 12, 2021. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

The House voted 64-29 to pass a bill eliminating training and background check requirements in order to carry a loaded handgun in public. The Senate previously approved its version on a 23-9 vote. The bill now heads for Gov. Bill Lee’s signature.

The measure is opposed by law enforcement groups, though sponsors noted they had heard from several officers and sheriff’s deputies that they supported the measure.

The House bill gained the support of 63 Republicans and one Democrat, Rep. John Mark Windle of Livingston. Twenty-four Democrats voted against the measure, plus five Republicans voted against the bill: John Gillespie of Memphis, Patsy Hazlewood of Signal Mountain, Eddie Mannis of Knoxville, Mark White of Memphis, and Sam Whitson of Franklin. Five other GOP members were absent or abstained.

In the Senate, all six Democrats plus three Republicans voted against the bill: Sens. Richard Briggs of Knoxville, Brian Kelsey of Memphis, and Becky Massey of Knoxville.

(See the House rollcall after the jump.)

Alexander, RebeccaRyes
Baum, CharlieRyes
Beck, BillDno
Boyd, ClarkRyes
Bricken, RushRyes
Byrd, DavidRabsent
Calfee, KentRyes
Campbell, ScottyRyes
Camper, Karen D.Dno
Carr, DaleRyes
Carringer, MicheleRyes
Carter, MikeRabsent
Casada, GlenRyes
Cepicky, ScottRyes
Chism, JesseDno
Clemmons, John RayDno
Cochran, MarkRyes
Cooper, BarbaraDno
Crawford, JohnRyes
Curcio, Michael G.Ryes
Darby, TandyRyes
Dixie, VincentDno
Doggett, ClayRyes
Eldridge, RickRyes
Faison, JeremyRyes
Farmer, AndrewRyes
Freeman, BobDno
Gant, Ron M.Ryes
Garrett, JohnnyRyes
Gillespie, JohnRno
Griffey, BruceRyes
Grills, RustyRyes
Hakeem, YusufDno
Halford, CurtisRyes
Hall, MarkRyes
Hardaway, G. A.Dno
Harris, Torrey C.Dno
Haston, KirkRyes
Hawk, DavidRyes
Hazlewood, PatsyRno
Helton, EstherRyes
Hicks, GaryRyes
Hicks, TimRyes
Hodges, JasonDno
Holsclaw, Jr., John B.Ryes
Howell, DanRyes
Hulsey, BudRyes
Hurt, ChrisRyes
Jernigan, DarrenDno
Johnson, Curtis G.Ryes
Johnson, GloriaDno
Keisling, KellyRabsent
Kumar, Sabi ‘Doc’Ryes
Lafferty, JustinRyes
Lamar, LondonDno
Lamberth, WilliamRyes
Leatherwood, TomRyes
Littleton, MaryRyes
Love, Harold M., Jr.Dno
Lynn, SusanRyes
Mannis, EddieRno
Marsh, PatRyes
McKenzie, SamDno
Miller, Larry J.Dno
Mitchell, BoDno
Moody, DebraRyes
Moon, JeromeRyes
Ogles, BrandonRabsent
Parkinson, AntonioDno
Potts, JasonDno
Powell, JasonDno
Powers, DennisRyes
Ragan, JohnRyes
Ramsey, BobRabsent
Reedy, Jay D.Ryes
Rudd, TimRyes
Rudder, IrisRyes
Russell, LowellRyes
Sexton, Cameron SpeakerRyes
Sexton, JerryRyes
Shaw, JohnnyDno
Sherrell, PaulRyes
Smith, RobinRyes
Sparks, MikeRyes
Stewart, MikeDno
Terry, BryanRyes
Thompson, DwayneDno
Todd, ChrisRyes
Towns, Joe, Jr.Dabsent
Travis, RonRyes
Vaughan, KevinRyes
Warner, ToddRyes
Weaver, Terri LynnRyes
White, MarkRno
Whitson, SamRno
Williams, RyanRyes
Windle, John MarkDyes
Wright, DaveRyes
Zachary, JasonRyes

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