Partisan PR on legislative turnover races

Partisan press release statements on the turnover races in Tuesday’s legislative elections:

From Tennessee Republican Party

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-November 8, 2016—The Tennessee Republican Party released the following statement from Chairman Ryan Haynes regarding the results in State House District 43:

“Paul Sherrell came out of nowhere to hand the Democrats a stunning loss. We knew it would come down to Warren County and Sherrell’s campaign focused on turning out voters there. He did just that. He’s a conservative fighter that will champion the priorities of the Grundy, Warren, and White Counties. He will be an asset in the House Republican Caucus.”

(Note: Sherrell, with little help from TNGOP, defeated incumbent Democratic Rep. Kevin Dunlap, D-Sparta)

From House Democratic Caucus:

NASHVILLE- The House Democratic Caucus is congratulating Democrat Dwayne Thompson on his victory over incumbent Steve McManus in Tennessee House District 96.

Democratic Caucus Chair Mike Stewart said “Dwayne Thompson ran a campaign based on quality public schools, Insure Tennessee and values that all Tennesseans have in common.  Those are the values that you can expect him to fight for in the State Legislature”.   Stewart added, “We are looking forward to welcoming him to Nashville”.

District 91 Representative Raumesh Akbari from Memphis said, “The people of District 96 just elected a dedicated Democrat and a real champion for our shared community.  I’m looking forward to serving with Dwayne in the statehouse, and I am so proud of his victory.”

(Note: Thompson had quite modest financial help from the state Democratic party or the caucus in his campaign.)

From Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes on House District 69: “Michael Curcio typifies the kind of conservative leader our state needs. He ran an incredible race in 2014 and would not be denied in 2016. We are proud to have played a part in bringing his vision of a stronger Tennessee to the voters of District 69. It’s time that Dickson, Hickman, and Maury Counties had another strong voice representing them in the Legislature. That is exactly what they have now and they’re going to be proud of Michael Curcio for many years to come.”

(Note: Curcio, a presumptive winner since Democratic Rep. David Shepard announced earlier this year, had lots of help from TNGOP and other Republican-oriented PACs.)

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