PAC airs second radio ad attacking ‘dishonest Diane Black’

A political action committee funded by millionaire businessman Joe Hollingsworth of Clinton is airing a second radio commercial attacking “dishonest Diane Black” as a gubernatorial candidate, reports Tennessee Star.

The latest 60 second radio ad from a group called Tennessee Jobs Now PAC ( is airing on several stations across the state and follows up on an ad campaign in January that featured a man and woman talking about “Dishonest Diane” directing state contracts to her husband’s company while flushing money down the toilet — to keep Diane Black from getting her hands on it.


MALE: Are you in this country illegally AND in need of government ID?

If so, come on down to the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles.  We’re here to help.  No questions asked.

If you’re an illegal immigrant who’s a drug dealer, human trafficker, even a terrorist, we’ll make sure you get ID to stay in the United States undetected.

FEMALE:  What you just heard, isn’t a real ad.  But career politician Diane Black actually thought it was a good idea to give illegal immigrants drivers’ licenses in Tennessee. It wasn’t — and leaders in Tennessee came to their senses and stopped it.

In the Tennessee legislature, dishonest Diane Black voted to hand out drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. Black’s vote made it easier for drug dealers, human traffickers, even terrorists, to stay in this country. That’s outrageous. And that’s Diane Black’s real record.

Dishonest Diane Black. Bad judgement. Not right for Tennessee.

Tennessee Jobs Now PAC paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

House Speaker Beth Harwell, who is also running for Governor, was among the House members who voted for the same bill to give drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants in 2001.  Harwell, however, is not mentioned in the SuperPAC ad. After 9-11, when some of the terrorists used drivers’ licenses issued in other states to board planes that they “weaponized” to murder over 3,000 people at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Tennessee quickly stopped issuing the drivers’ licenses.

Black has recently been an outspoken opponent to legislation pending in the state legislature that would provide for in-state tuition discounts for illegal immigrants.

Note: The PAC, created in December, has filed only one financial disclosure, dated Dec. 31, and reported receipt of $200,000 from Hollingsworth as its only funding. Post on the PAC’s first ad is HERE; a subsequent post on Hollingsworth’s ties is HERE. Excerpt from the latter:

Hollingsworth is the father of Trey Hollingsworth, the Tennessee transplant who was elected to Congress in Indiana in 2016. A group called Indiana Jobs Now spent heavily in that race, and the Tennessee group’s website is registered to the same GOP operative, James McKay of New Hampshire.

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