Outside spending in Senate race now exceeds $30M

Democratic candidate and former Gov. Phil Bredesen, left, speaks during the 2018 Tennessee U.S. Senate Debate with Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn at The University of Tennessee Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, in in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, Pool)

The total amount of independent expenditures in the Tennessee Senate race has exceeded $30.5 million as of Tuesday morning.

Until recently, two out of every three dollars worth of outside money was going to either supporting Republican Marsha Blackburn or attacking Democrat Phil Bredesen. But recent filings show an uptick in spending targeting Blackburn.

The SMP group on Monday disclosed spending $3.4 million on ads attacking Blackburn. That’s in addition to $8.4 million the Majority Forward PAC has spent and $1 million from the American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees. The total money targeting Blackburn has now reached nearly $13 million.

Meanwhile, opponents of Bredesen have spent about $17.5 million. The biggest spenders include the Senate Leadership Fund ($8.5 million), Americans for Prosperity ($4.7 million), NRSC ($1.5 million), and the Committee to Defend the President (nearly $1 million). The NRA has spent another $846,531.

About 56% of the outside money has spent by groups favoring Blackburn or opposing Bredesen.

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    Phillip Moss says:

    For quite some time the issue of Russian interference with our Presidential election has been discussed and potential criminal activity investigated. If the person who is elected is supposed to represent the people of Tennessee but their campaign was financed by people out side of Tennessee is that outsiders messing with our election? I donated $25 to one of the two candidates in an effort to help that person get elected. That’s how our election process works. I am not physically able to do something different to help. Its not a lot, but its what I can do to help. How can anyone expect the people running for office to have their constituents in mind when their campaigns are funded by outsiders? I don’t care who you vote for. Its rare to be able to have a nice talk about politics. I would like to remind others about this. Both sides funnel money in and they do so in large amounts. I also like to remined people to look at those who took money to take away our second amendment rights by selling our first amendment rights to liberal companies when they stopped net neutrality.

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