On new TN laws effective July 1 (gas tax increase and 134 others)

Of the 524 bills and resolutions approved during the 2017 legislative session and signed by Gov. Bill Haslam, 135 or so are new laws that take effect on July 1. Most notably, there’s an four-cents-per-gallon increase in fuel taxes and a $5 increase in the annual state vehicle registration fee, part of the governor’s tax package called the IMPROVE Act.

The Johnson City Press has a package of three articles on the legislative actions that provides a pretty good sampler:

First, there’s general list of some new non-IMPROVE laws deemed interesting with a July 1 effective date, ranging from a ban on most abortions after 20 weeks to “an obscure law requiring that steps leading into a public building have detectable ‘nosings’.” (A strip of yellow paint to increase visibility.)

Second, there’s a list of new “public safety” laws. First two on the list: A law extending the state’s “Move Over” law to cover any vehicle parked on the shoulder of a road, not just those of law enforcement officers and emergency vehicles, and a measure that repeals the current state prohibition on firearm silencers.

Finally, Press writer has picked a dozen “congratulatory and memorializing resolutions” – these aren’t bills, just statements honoring people or events  and were effective when passed and signed, not July 1 – of note.

First listed is congratulations extended to U.S. Rep. Phil Roe and his bride, who “will now face the world together as one, basking in the glow of their love for each other during both life’s joys and sorrows.” The second honors the Moon Pie, “a delicious snack that for 100 years has gratified the taste buds of the American South while making Chattanooga famous internationally.”

If you want to wade through all 135 new laws with a July 1 effective date, the list is HERE.


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