On Craig Fitzhugh’s prospective run for governor

Excerpt from an Associated Press story on House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh giving serious consideration to a run for governor:

The Ripley Democrat told reporters this week that he would have appeal for voters from both urban and rural areas of the state.

“I’m hopeful I can bring those two factors together if I decide to run, and get some support going forward,” Fitzhugh said.

…Fitzhugh said he would prefer to wait until after the upcoming legislative session to decide about entering the race, but that pending decisions by other potential candidates will likely shorten that timeline.

“We just got through with an election, you know; but here we are starting again,” Fitzhugh said. “I don’t think the public at large is ready for that, but I guess many those that might want to be candidates are.”

Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has said he will decide whether to mount a Democratic bid during the first quarter of the year. Real estate developer Bill Freeman, who spent $3.5 million of his own money on an unsuccessful mayoral bid in Nashville in 2015, is also considering a Democratic bid.

Fitzhugh acknowledged that Dean and Freeman would be “totally formidable from a financial standpoint.”

“But I would run the same kind of campaign I’ve been running for the last 12 terms. And that’s a grassroots, to-the-people type deal,” Fitzhugh said. “I think I can get the message out. We have to show that it just doesn’t mean money to get elected.”

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