With some obfuscation, Andy Miller & family political giving totals $823,000

Andrew W. “Andy” Miller Jr. used eight variations on his name – and sometimes different addresses or occupation listings – in making as much as $550,000 in state-level political donations, reports The Tennessean. If members of the millionaire conservative activist’s immediate family are included – including Andrew W. “Woody” Miller, his father – the total rises to $823,000.

The obfuscation of the donations to state political action committees, incumbent state lawmakers and legislative candidates illustrates a loophole in campaign finance law that helps deep-pocketed donors skirt campaign contribution limits, according to a Tennessean analysis of more than a decade of campaign finance reports.

…Overall there are 27 donations totaling $32,650 from Andrew Miller Jr., Andy Miller Jr., and A.W. Miller Jr. to legislative candidates. There are 75 donations totaling $94,500 from Andy Miller, Andrew W. Miller, Andrew Miller and A.W. Miller.

…And Miller has given extensively to PACs in the last 10 years. Using various names, Miller has donated $65,000 to PACs controlled by Republican lawmakers… The Miller family – including Andy Miller’s wife, his brother and sister-in-law – have given more than $470,000 to political action committees not controlled by individual lawmakers.

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