Obama backs Coleman in TN Senate District 20

News release from Erin Coleman campaign

WASHINGTON — Today Barack Obama endorsed Erin Coleman in her race for Tennessee Senate District 20. Coleman is among a select group of state legislative candidates from around the country to be endorsed by Obama. Senate District 20  encompasses Davidson County, TN.


This contest has caught national attention due to Coleman’s commitment to serving her country and her community and her strong stand in favor of equal pay for equal work. Coleman is a United States Army veteran, a small business owner, and a mother of three children.


“We are thrilled that Barack Obama is endorsing our candidates in some of the most competitive races across the country,” said Jessica Post, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “His endorsement highlights how crucial state legislative elections are to building on the progress Obama has achieved and to continuing to move our nation forward.”

Note: Obama announced a week of so ago that he would, for the first time, make endorsements in downballot races including state legislatures — as noted in previous post HERE (2nd item in a political junkie reading list) and linking to the Politico story HERE.  The Politico story indicates as many as 150 Democratic candidates around the nation could be endorsed by election day.

Coleman is running against Republican Sen. Steve Dickerson of Nashville, who — with the help of GOP allies — has outspent her something like $10-to-$1. Latest reported GOP expenditure in the race — $750,000 spent by the Senate Republican Caucus, mostly on ads bashing Coleman. (previous post HERE.)

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