NYT op-ed: Bredesen staff holding ashes of burned 1995 Blackburn expense account

Excerpt from a New York Times op-ed piece (written by Steve Cavendish, former editor of the Nashville Scene):

To understand how Phil Bredesen, a former Democratic governor of Tennessee, has a chance of winning this year’s race to replace Bob Corker as the junior senator from this deep-red state, it helps to know a story making the rounds in Nashville about his likely Republican opponent, Representative Marsha Blackburn.

After returning from a 1995 trip to Los Angeles to drum up support for the Tennessee film industry, Ms. Blackburn, the executive director of the state’s Film, Entertainment and Music Commission, submitted her expense receipts to the office of the Republican governor, Don Sundquist.

The office sent them back, saying that a limousine was inappropriate for a state official. Ms. Blackburn said she didn’t hire a limo, but paid the charges; she then set the receipts on fire and sent the ashes to her superiors with a note: “Copy of L.A. expense report as requested!”

The story would remain a fun bit of political lore, save for one detail: Today those ashes are in the care of a Bredesen staffer. Someone in Mr. Sundquist’s circle saved them, waiting for a chance to pass them along to the right person with a pointed message: There are a lot of Republicans waiting to see Marsha Blackburn fall.

Ms. Blackburn is a Tea Party and Trump stalwart, as are many Tennessee voters. She also represents a type of conservatism that may be peaking in some parts of the South: combative, inflexible and more interested in picking fights than actually governing. An aggregate of recent polls have Mr. Bredesen leading her by 5 percent.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Twenty-three year old ashes, oh yea that’ll be her undoing! I still think adds with Bredesen’s face slowly morphing into the face of Charming Chuck Schumer while the announcer explains to Trump voters the consequences of a liberal Democratic takeover of the Senate will be much more effective.

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      Cannoneer2 says:

      If the Republicans are worried that more folks will vote for the Democrat they should field better candidiates…

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    Lance Persson says:

    If you don’t think this article is totally biased, go back and read the last paragraph again.
    ” a type of conservatism that may be peaking in some parts of the South: combative, inflexible and more interested in picking fights than actually governing.” Total negative opinion lacking facts.

    If this is a sample of the Bredesen campaign, I say GO BLACKBURN.

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    James White says:

    Marsha’s voting record (opposite of what she says) will be her undoing. She is NeoCon and Deep State.

  • I used limousine services while on business and nonprofit trips in St. Louis and to Los Angeles. Why? Because it was cheaper to use the limousine services than a taxi. It was a smart and economical decision. The limousine story is lame.

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    bob timmerman says:

    Ridiculous story. If you want to bash Marsha Blackburn, simply point out that she’s the type of candidate who wraps the flag around her Bible, holds forth on the evils of abortion at every televised opportunity, and would do a lip lock on Donald Trump’s ass like a remora if she thought his slimy coattails were enough to carry her into the U.S. Senate.

    She’s a total embarrassment to the great state of Tennessee, and a lot of us cringe whenever we see her speaking on cable news networks.

    She’s the Louie Gohmert of the Volunteer State, the cliche spewing Stepford Wife we dread as our representative.

    Screw the “ashes” story. Report her actual words and actions.

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      Leslie Parsley says:

      Hahaha. Brilliant.

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        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Oh dear, here we go again. Leslie, I can tell, you and Bob are looking forward to electoral victory statewide in Tennessee and once again you’re setting yourselves up for disappointment. Ordinarily that wouldn’t matter among normal adults, but you leftists have demonstrated after Trump’s victory in 2016 that among the myriad of things you don’t do well is withstand disappointment.

        In 2016 Trump won an overwhelming victory in Tennessee and Marsha will have plenty of money to hang that rogues’ gallery of Trump haters in the Senate Democratic Party around Bredesen’s neck. He’s going to lose and it’s best if you are prepared for this result so you won’t be disappointed.

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          bob timmerman says:

          Stewy, you should know a couple of things about some of us: we don’t mind disappointment if the cause is just, and we don’t intend to be disappointed in this particular race. Blackburn is an embarrassment to a great many thoughtful Republicans, and Bredesen is greatly admired by most on both sides of the aisle. Which candidate do you think has the better change of drawing crossover voters? You and the die hard Trumpers might find her willingness to tote the Tea Party line as something noble, but for most Tennesseans Marsha Blackburn is the epitome of what’s wrong in Washington DC. Hope you won’t be hard to find once the votes are in in November, because I’d love to continue this conversation while you’re chewing on a mouthful of crow.

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    Steve L. says:

    Bredesen? For the Senate? Hahaha!!!! Really, that is the best the Dem’s could come up with to create the “Blue Wave” in Tennessee? The future of the Democrat Party in Tennessee is a 75 year ex-politician who is bored with being rich. I feel certain that TN is tired of Corker being to the left of Trump and they will not put in someone to the left of Corker.

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    Ted Bell says:

    What a choice we have. A Chuck Schumer lackey in Bredesen and someone as dumb as a box of rocks in Blackburn. Only winner in this election will be Israel and the neo-cons.

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