NYT on Black’s failed effort to land Trump endorsement

U.S. Rep. Diane Black (R-Gallatin) speaks at a Republican event in Nashville on May 7, 2018. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

In a look at President Donald Trump’s influence over the outcome of Republican primaries around the country, the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman unearthed this nugget about U.S. Rep. Diane Black’s failed lobbying efforts in her bid for governor in Tennessee:

This year few Republican candidates, for example, were as aggressive in lobbying for Mr. Trump’s endorsement as Representative Diane Black of Tennessee, who came in third in her state’s primary for governor this month. She approached the president at a White House event, had some of his most high-profile congressional allies weigh in on her behalf, and even deployed some West Wing officials who are friendly to her.

But most of Mr. Trump’s aides wanted him to stay out of the race, and they were able to keep him sidelined in part by reminding him of what Ms. Black said after the video of Mr. Trump boasting about groping women was released in 2016 (“I would’ve yanked my son by the ear if he had talked that way when he was a teenager much less an adult,” she said at the time).

Black finished third in the GOP primary.

7 Responses to NYT on Black’s failed effort to land Trump endorsement

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    Tennessee Jed says:

    I don’t like DC Diane as much as anyone, but that is a pretty petty reason to withhold an endorsement.

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    James White says:

    DC Diane did show a log of Trump in her Ads. Perhaps it will not help Insider Deep State Marsha Blackburn.

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    Timothy Skow says:

    James you TOTALLY miss the dynamics in the relationship between Trump and the 2 women. Marsha was 1st high profile supporter of Trump in TN and has never blinked. That is ”YUGGGGE” to Trump. So is holding a seat in the tightly divided Senate. Expect to Trump in TN again…and again …before Election Day.

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Absolutely deserved the way itvwentvdown. Diane was a Never Trumper to the core and the President knew this. Everyone knows she is an opportunist first and foremost

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      Leslie Parsley says:

      Phil Lassiter: Aren’t all members of the GOP opportunists “first and foremost”? The only one left standing who wasn’t just died and the fright wingers can’t spit out their vitriol fast enough. They don’t dare risk the ire of the president by expressing anything that resembles human decency.

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Not all are. There are a few quality ones. There are some quality Dems also. All these are in the clear minority though-even within their own parties

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    William Upton says:

    Also remember this was a New York Times article. Their facts are always suspect to me especially where Trump is concerned.

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