Not big on social graces: Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood film ‘stay apart’ video

A release from Gov. Bill Lee’s office:

Nashville, Tenn. — Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are the latest talent joining forces with the State of Tennessee “Do your part, stay apart” public service announcement campaign urging Tennesseans to continue safe habits as Tennessee communities gradually reopen.

Commending Tennesseans for “stepping up” in their role to stay home, limit the transmission of COVID-19 and save lives, as Tennessee slowly reopens community life they encourage citizens to “keep it going, to be smart, and to be careful and be diligent.. . . stay smart, stay strong, stay Tennessee strong.”

The video can be viewed here.

Over the past month, the State of Tennessee “Do your part, stay apart” public service announcement campaign involving influential Tennesseans in sports and entertainment reached millions of Tennesseans with the urgent message to adopt preventive health measures and slow the spread of COVID-19.

The campaign registered nearly 20 million impressions across social media, digital and outdoor advertising, broadcast television, radio and newsprint platforms. Public outreach was strategic to the state’s efforts to impact Tennesseans’ attention to the seriousness of coronavirus and to encourage stay-at-home and social distancing behaviors to limit the spread of COVID-19 and help move Tennessee toward a gradual reopening.

“From the moment Tennessee declared a state of emergency it has been our priority to get the attention of all Tennesseans to take this threat seriously so that together we can slow the spread of coronavirus and keep our state healthy,” said Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. “Our talented community of artists, athletes, leaders and organizations stepped up to get the word out about staying safe during this pandemic. Maria and I thank them all and are grateful for their willingness to lend a hand.”

“Do your part, stay apart,” participants in video, broadcast TV, radio and billboard messaging includes Brad Paisley and Kimberly Paisley-Williams, University of Memphis basketball coach Penny Hardaway, Carrie Underwood and former Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher, University of Tennessee athletics director and Hall of Fame Coach Phil Fulmer and Vicky Fulmer, former UT and NFL great Peyton Manning, Steve Curtis Chapman, Michael W. Smith, the NBA Memphis Grizzlies, NFL Tennessee Titans, NHL Nashville Predators, University of Tennessee Department of Athletics and more.

In less than 30 days, campaign metric performance tally nearly 20 million impressions:

  • More than 3 million social media views and an extended audience potential of more than 200 million individuals
  • More than 8.5 million impressions and almost 1 million video views on digital advertising
  • Almost 500,000 subscribers of Tennessee weekly newspapers
  • Nearly 5 million impressions from donated outdoor advertising
  • Sustained presence on broadcast television through Tennessee cable providers reaching millions more

In addition to preventive health behavior, messages encourage Tennessee citizens to watch out for and help our neighbors, especially those who may be vulnerable to illness. “Right now, the best way for us to care for one another is to keep our distance – and take care of our neighbors. Give them a call or a video chat. We’re all in this together. Please do your part, stay apart.”

The “Do your part, stay apart” PSA campaign continues to receive donated support from the Charter Communications (Spectrum), Comcast, Outdoor Advertising Association of Tennessee, Tennessee Association of Broadcasters and the Tennessee Press Association.

6 Responses to Not big on social graces: Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood film ‘stay apart’ video

  • Avatar
    Phil Lassiter says:

    He and Trish are right up on each other. Do as I say. Not as I do. Oh man what the fall down the stairs could have changed 25 years ago……

  • Avatar
    LeeAnn C. says:

    Yeah – well. Love them both as performers. I’m not buying this 6′ social distancing must be with us indefinitely. No study has been produced by anyone that can prove that single factor is that needful and THAT is the requirement that kills certain businesses. I will fight tooth and nail for removal of governmental mandates. Put out public health advisories and let us all choose FOR OURSELVES! Stop killling ‘non-essential’ businesses. They’re essential for some to economically survive. That’s not greed. It’s survival!

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    They could learn a lot from Elvis Presley.
    oh and #LeeTheTyrant Let The People Go !

  • Avatar
    MARLE says:

    So….Mayor Cooper has released his 4-Phase reopen. It’s complicated and verbose (14 pages).

    Each phase lasts 14 days and “At Home” remains in effect for the next 14 days. Phase 1 starts after expiration of the At Home period. Any escalation in cases during nay phase could mean remaining longer in that phase or reversion to the previous phase

    Total opening of everything (with distancing and other requirements ) 6 weeks from second week in May. BUT…………………Cooper said there is a chance Nashville “will experience continued outbreaks of COVID-19 that will force us to revert to earlier phases of the plan.”

    Get ready surrounding counties. You are going to be able to make hay while the sun Doesn’t shine in Davidson County.

    • Avatar
      Cannoneer2 says:

      Out here in Mount Juliet, it’s always a constant effort not to be knocked flat by Davidson County people scurrying back and forth… this will make it worse.

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