Newbern mayor backs out of challenging Rep. Sanderson in House District 77

Newbern Mayor Justin Wright, who last summer announced he would challenge state Rep. Bill Sanderson of Kenton in the 2018 Republican primary for House District 77, has changed his mind and withdrawn from the race, reports the Dyersburg State Gazette.

Wright explained that his reason to withdraw was largely attributed to an array of town projects currently being developed, which Wright feels to be essential toward the city’s future industrial growth.

Wright further explained his sentiments towards Sanderson have now changed as well, and feels confident the seasoned state representative will do his best to ensure the interests of Newbern are heard in Nashville.

As far as what the future holds, Wright says he still plans to someday make a move for state politics; however, this year is simply not the right time.

In a letter written to supporters (Wright said)… “We have been able to map out a future for our community that I feel completely obligated to see all the way through.

“Furthermore I will remain a proponent of conservative values. I will help to be a voice for the citizens of Northwest Tennessee by going to Nashville and speaking with legislators and other groups to make sure our issues are heard. It is also my goal to create a group comprised of leaders and citizens to assist in making sure these issues are known and are delivered in the most effective ways.”

Note: The Gazette has a separate story on Sanderson picking up his qualifying papers and offering some commentary, HERE.

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