New spending in Gov. Bill Lee’s budget proposal

The state Capitol on March 16, 2020. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Here is a look at the $7.38 billion in new spending (including $796 million from federal and other sources) contained in Gov. Bill Lee’s spending plan for the budget year beginning in July:

DepartmentNew spending
(federal/other sources)
Transportation – General Fund Subsidy$3,312,123,000 ($6,123,000)
F&A. TennCare$863,138,300 ($546,799,800)
Miscellaneous Appropriations$800,585,400
Education (K-12)$515,556,800 ($30,205,600)
Economic and Community Development$254,817,500
Children’s Services$193,477,900 ($106,306,700)
Environment and Conservation$187,521,300 ($20,549,000)
Finance and Administration (F&A)$173,403,400 ($273,200)
Higher Education$162,404,100
Commerce and Insurance$48,285,200 ($4,754,200)
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services$46,176,800 ($14,316,500)
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities$42,993,000 ($15,707,700)
Health$34,311,100 ($1,786,600)
Commissions$34,219,700 ($29,750,000)
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation$32,792,900 ($1,673,000)
Agriculture$19,817,900 ($782,400)
Military$17,129,300 ($981,400)
Labor and Workforce Development$15,387,100
Court System$11,937,800
General Services$9,901,300 ($5,223,000)
Treasury Department$9,878,000 ($7,042,000)
Tourist Development$8,476,000
Attorney General and Reporter$7,353,900 ($922,000)
Comptroller of the Treasury$7,126,900
District Attorneys General Conference$4,920,700 ($652,400)
District Public Defenders Conference$4,305,200
Secretary of State$3,548,000
Veterans Services$3,299,600
Wildlife Resources Agency$3,166,500
Human Resources$2,163,700 ($2,163,700)
Board of Parole$452,900
Human Services$376,000 ($83,200)
Office of the Post-Conviction Defender$38,100
Executive Department$13,700

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