New PAC’s radio ad bashes ‘Dishonest Diane Black’

A political action committee recently registered in Tennessee is running radio ads attacking “dishonest Diane Black” as a gubernatorial candidate, contending she “steered millions of dollars in no bid, state contracts to her husband’s company.”

The independent expenditure ad is sponsored by Tennessee Jobs Now, which was created by filing paperwork with the Registry of Election Finance on Dec. 15, according to the Registry website. It has not yet filed an initial disclosure statement and need not do so until later this month. The treasurer is listed as Maria Wojciechowski of Herndon, Va.

Maria Wojciechowski is also is also registered with the Federal Election Commission as treasurer of the Future45 Super PAC, which the Center for Responsive Politics says spent more than $24 million on ads attacking Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign. Media reports indicate the Future45 PAC (one is HERE) is substantially funded by billionaire TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts and Las Vegas casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Tennessee Jobs Now has a website HERE where the one-minute radio ad, which begins with the sound of a flushing toilet, can be downloaded. Script transcript as reported in Tennessee Star, which reports the ad is being run on “several” Tennessee stations:

WIFE: “Hey, what are you doing?”

HUSBAND: “Flushing our money down the toilet.”

WIFE: “I can see that. But why?”

HUSBAND: “Dishonest Diane Black is running for governor. I’d rather flush our money down the toilet than let her get her hands on it.”

WIFE: “Ok cut it out. Explain please.”

HUSBAND: “Well, a judge ruled while she was in the Tennessee State Senate, Diane Black steered millions of dollars in no bid, state contracts to her husband’s company.”

WIFE: “So basically she gave taxpayer money to herself.”


WIFE: “Ugh. Your toilet idea doesn’t seem so bad now.”

HUSBAND: “Yep. Rather than cleaning up the swamp in DC, Congresswoman Diane Black is part of it. She’s received over three million dollars from special interests in DC.”

WIFE: “What a hypocrite. We can’t afford dishonest Diane Black.”

ANNOUNCER: “Tennessee Jobs Now PAC paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”

Note: In the 2010 Republican primary for the 6th Congressional District seat, won by Black, one of her opponents, Lou Ann Zelenik, ran an ad attacking Black over state contracts with Aegis Sciences, a drug testing company founded  by her husband, David. Aegis filed a lawsuit against Zelenick over the claim, contending it was false and defamatory. That lawsuit was dismissed — text of the  Court of Appeals decision upholding the dismissal is HERE —  and Zelenick subsequently filed a counter lawsuit,, apparently still pending.


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    Henry Walker says:

    What did the judge say when he dismissed the suit? It would be nice to have a link to his ruling so we can see if in fact he held that the allegations made by Zelenik were true.

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    Lance Frizzell says:

    Zelenik’s ad firm saw that it would LOSE any suit against Aegis and settled:

    “Under the settlement announced Tuesday, Bright Media agreed that its ads didn’t intend to accuse Aegis of illegal, unethical or improper behavior and that it had no knowledge of any improper action between Aegis and the state regarding contracts, according to a statement released by Seigenthaler Public Relations.
    “We are happy to have amicably settled this matter with Bright Media and to have the opportunity to set the public record straight,” David Black, president and CEO of Aegis Sciences, stated.”

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    I can’t believe that I will ever vote for a tepid conservative like Diane Black, not when someone like Mae Beavers is running against her, but if Diane is the only thing that stands between liberal Randy! Boyd and the governorship that is exactly what I will have to do.

    Anybody But Boyd!

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    Amy Harshman Green says:

    Hi Stuart!
    I cordially invite you to vote for Karl Dean. You don’t have to vote for someone who tries to sneak a racist conference to not one but 2 Tennessee campuses who threw her out once the deceit was exposed; you don’t have to vote for someone you believe to be too liberal; you certainly should consider not voting for a woman who has spent her career enriching herself and family, who wants to eliminate healthcare to folks who need it and who supported a budget that will leave our grandchildren struggling with its debt and the rush of foreign investments in the US that will make it difficult to have the lifestyle we have enjoyed. Karl Dean was a good Mayor for Nashville, a thoughtful and business-friendly elected official who positioned Nashville well – especially after a recession and a natural disaster could have devastated the city. Join us!

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Thanks Amy but Karl is no doubt to the left of Randy! and my problem with Randy! is that he occupies the far left of the Republican Party so I’m afraid you’re leading me in the wrong direction – not as bad as leading me into temptation, but wrong nevertheless. BTW, I know you Democrats are obsessed with playing the race card, it’s one of the few winning cards that you have, but you should take care that your obsession doesn’t make you sound silly. For example, Moslems are a member of a religion, not a race. What do Bosnian, Somali, Pakistani, and Indonesian Moslems have in common? They are all members of a RELIGION, but are of different RACES. See?

      The Moslem religion, like all religions, have certain beliefs, which are subject to intellectual examination. I imagine attempting to collectivize our country is a full time undertaking but you really should stop and notice that a number of Moslems have trouble living and working well with others due to their beliefs. What Mae was attempting to do was to organize a meeting to discuss the compatibility of Moslem beliefs with being a citizen of this country. Important, insofar as Karl Dean’s party seeks to maximize the number of immigrants that we allow into this country, including Moslems. The fact that members of Dean’s party do what they can to stop meetings whose purposes are ones they oppose certainly shows a lack of understanding of what a free country is all about – nothing to do with Mae who I’m happy to remind you is a conservative Republican.

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      Cisco says:

      Lol, far left Karl Dean ? Tennessee will not elect a Carney bagging Democrat in a statewide election.

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    Michael Poindexter says:

    Whoever the Tennessee Jobs Now Pac is supporting I will vote against. Those ads are disgusting attack ads. This is the kind of thing that is wrong with modern politics.

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      Dolly says:

      AMEN!!! I just heard a disgusting ad from the “Pac”! Its bad enough POTUS attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with him(yes, even in the same party), but ANYONE trashing this way will have it backfire. People are fed up with this regardless of party!

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    Jason says:

    It has been my experience that whether it is PAC or ACT, the goal of the group behind it is the opposite implied by the name. From Affordable Care Act to Net Nuetrality, they are all the opposite of what they claim.

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    Harold Jones says:

    I have heard that Randy Boyd is behind these ads, do you know if this is correct?

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    Paula Brooks says:

    I will die before November. I ask all Tennessee people, not rep or dem. PLEASE stop Diane Black. Our state will be destroyed.

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    Herbert M. Wilkerson says:

    Sponsors of this pac are Dems. Right?

  • Money sponsors of this info and pac ad on TV are democrats. Right?

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