New Lee spot targets ‘all these dishonest attack ads’

Franklin businessman Bill Lee has a new TV commercial out targeting negative ads running in the Republican gubernatorial primary campaign. Lee says he won’t “go down that road,” and that the attack ads “reveal a lot more truth about the person running the ad than the person in the ad.”

Here’s a transcript:

“All these dishonest attack ads. They’re a great example of what’s wrong with politics. I’m not going down that road. It’s not who I am. It’s not what a leader does. I think those ads reveal a lot more truth about the person running the ad than the person in the ad. A person willing to deceive, say anything, do anything, to get elected. Is that who you want as governor? If not, I’d sure appreciate your vote.”

U.S. Rep. Diane Black has been running ads targeting Lee for having once given $1,000 to then Gov. Phil Bredesen and to Megan Barry when she was running for Nashville mayor. Both are Democrats. Black’s ad says “Bill Lee’s the kind of Republican who helps Democrats get elected. Don’t let Bill Lee burn you again.” See earlier coverage here.

Boyd has a negative ad about Black running around the state, but does not single Lee out in any of his spots.

5 Responses to New Lee spot targets ‘all these dishonest attack ads’

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    Jason Wallflower says:

    Way to go Bill. Have to do everything we can to stop D.C. Diane Black. No more career politicians!

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    Tennessee Jed says:

    Is the irony lost on Bill Lee that this is a form of attack ad?

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    Silence Dogood says:

    An attack ad, to my mind, is an ad that frames a situation unfairly or in a misleading fashion. Example: Like President Carter said recently when asked about how God views abortion, “I have a hard time believing that Jesus, for instance, would approve abortions unless it was because of rape or incest or saving the mother’s life or some danger,” the Democrat told Huff Post Live. Huff Post Headlines: “Jimmy Carter says Abortion is Justifiable”. Really? Is that what he said? Diane Black is accurately pointing out his donation recipients. We have little history on him. She and others need to keep digging. Find out for us. He needs to deal with it in his campaign. Put on his Big Boy pants and show us he is tough and can stand the pressure. Trump did it. MAGA!!

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    Sharon says:

    Frankly, this is a brilliant strategy for the touchy, feely, people voting in Tennessee who do not like negative attacks and want a Christian in office. I just can’t vote for Bill Lee. Giving money to Nashville’s former liberal sanctuary city promoter is too much, though he did receive a best business award. I also can’t tolerate reading off TelePrompTers when delivering your own heartfelt message and look straight into my eyes.

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