New Lee and Harwell ads hit the airwaves

Republican gubernatorial candidates Bill Lee and Beth Harwell are on the air with new ads:

2 Responses to New Lee and Harwell ads hit the airwaves

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    James White says:

    I liked Beth’s commercial where she is looking through some pictures and shows her with curly hair as a child. Too bad she voted For an Article V Constitutional Convention.

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    Kay White says:

    Why does Bill Lee continue to lie? I am not a pollitician and I have never been a part of Government and he continues to lie and say that he is the ONLY ONE. I was at an event on Saturday and he got up at the meeeting and made that same statement! I went up and corrected him then but he continues to say, OH, I forgot! I said I told you once before. He smiles and says “sorry” well, I am fed up because he projects himself as a Christian. I do not lie about him. He has been much more closely connected to the present “Government” in TN than I have because he admits that he was appointed to a committee by Gov. Bill Haslam and also his “Lee Compnay” did the replacement of the HVAC in our state capitol, and he also admitted at the Statesman’s Dinner that he had been the Chariman of the Statesman’s Dinner several times himself – so he may not have served in Government but Government is connected to him at the hip and he should try to make it appear the innocent one that we can trust when he is connected to our present Governor in a very strong fashion! It seems that it is ok to talk about God in one ad and then tell an outright lie in another. I am ashame of him now. I have once said that we were brother and sister in Christ but I will no longer say that because my God tells me not to lie. I think this is what Diane Black did to Lou Ann Zelnik before their election for Congress and there was a law suit which his campaign has gotten out on the internet! He may discount me, but I have been approved to be on the ballot and I am a candidate who stands head and shoulders above the man who is running his campagin for him who also once lied about me and that is Chris DeVaney, one of the players in our state Republican Party!

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