New House District 57 candidate pledges $150K toward unseating Rep. Susan Lynn in GOP primary

Aaron Shane, a Mt. Juliet businessman who immigrated from Canada, says he will put $150,000 in personal funds into a campaign to unseat state Rep. Susan Lynn in the Republican primary for House District 57, reports Tennessee Star.

Shane made the announcement of his significant personal financial commitment after beginning his … “mission to protect the families of District 57 and repeal the gas tax increase.”

Shane is the owner of Shane Electric located in Mt. Juliet, which is a multi-year winner of the Best of Mt. Juliet award. Now a legal citizen, Shane originates from Canada, where he became an “admirer and student of how our Founding Fathers enumerated our God-given rights in the Constitution,” a stark contrast to “the excessive taxation and government overreach” he witnessed in Canada.

“I wouldn’t move back to Canada, if you paid me,” Shane emphatically tells The Tennessee Star.

…One issue that motivated his run and his family’s financial commitment to his campaign is political action committee (PAC) influences on elections and in his press release points specifically to his opponent’s acceptance of funding from lobbyists representing special interest groups.

Indeed, incumbent Susan Lynn’s most recent campaign financial disclosure, “Amended 2018 Early Year End Supplemental (2017)” dated February 7, 2018, showed contributions totaling $40,700. Seventy-seven percent of those contributions, $31,250, came from PACs while just 23 percent came from individuals.

In that report, Lynn’s single largest contribution of $5,000 came from the Tennessee Highway Contractors PAC.

Shane joined the race following the withdrawal by Jeremy Hayes after having his house raided by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which Hayes claims was politically motivated and State Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) referred to as “horrifying.”

Hayes points to Lynn’s admission that she sought the investigation and the statement made by Wilson County District Attorney Tommy Thompson that Hayes’ withdrawal from the race “was the outcome we wanted all along.”

Note: Lynn’s cash-on-hand campaign balance was reported as $60,337 in the referenced report.

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