New Black ad stresses role in opposing abortion

Republican gubernatorial candidate Diane Black’s latest TV ad focuses on her role in promoting an amendment to the Tennessee Constitution to give lawmakers more power to restrict access to abortions. The amendment passed with 53% of the vote in 2014.

Here is a transcript of the ad:

“In 2000, our Supreme Court gave Tennessee the most liberal abortion laws in America – even more liberal than New York. Diane Black fought back.  Liberals opposed Diane Black. The Planned Parenthood crowd spent millions. But Diane never quit.  It took her 14 years. But now, thanks to Diane, Tennessee law protects innocent life. That’s why Diane Black earned America’s highest pro-life honor.  The heart of a nurse. The strength to fight for what’s right. Diane Black.”

3 Responses to New Black ad stresses role in opposing abortion

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    Bob Fischer says:

    What she did was strip down everyone’s rights so she could persecute some screwed-up teenage girls.

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    David Collins says:

    Yeah, she’s a charter member of the “Love ’em til they are born” crowd. You don’t see her volunteering any of her millions to help support any of these unwanted children, do you.

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    Tommy Ray McAnally says:

    Collins you got a BINGO FOR THAT. GOOD ONE. Also this IS MORAL ISSUE NOT POLITICAL. Daine Black is to UGLY anyway. Diane is talk and say anything trying to be Governor surely the voters are sharper than that.

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