Ad breakdown: Black paints gritty picture of Nashville

A new gubernatorial campaign ad by U.S. Rep. Diane Black paints a gritty picture of Nashville (almost reminiscent of the crime show “The Wire,” set in Black’s hometown of Baltimore) as the Republican talks to the camera from the wheel of a car about human trafficking.

The ad opens with a view of downtown overlaid with a map of the state. “It’s not just tourists on these roads,” Black says in the ad. “Human traffickers use our state to conduct modern-day slavery.”

Next we hit a fork in the road.

“Let’s go after human traffickers with every law on the book,” Black says in the ad featuring an image of an abduction van. “We need new tools to prosecute the traffickers and their customers.”

Dickerson Pike.

Grainy footage of a dilapidated neighborhood.

Black meets with a law enforcement officer from an unknown agency (that doesn’t look like a uniform worn by police or deputies in Nashville).

A suspicious house behind a chain link fence.

A man is put in a police car.

A jail cell swings shut.

This view of the city featuring an overcast sky and a muddy river isn’t likely to appear on many tourist brochures.

Black declares herself a “a tough grandmother” as the ad draws to a close.“I’m Diane Black, and I’ll fight for what’s right.”


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