National Democrats urging Bredesen to run for U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate Democrats are “strenuously wooing” former Tennessee Gov.  Phil Bredesen as a candidate for the seat being vacated next year by Republican Sen. Bob Corker, reports the New York Times as an example in an article generally focused on the minority party’s expanding hopes of making political gains and new efforts to do so.

Mr. Bredesen has been courted personally by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the (Senate) minority leader, as well as several governors who now serve in the Senate, including Mark Warner of Virginia, according to Democrats briefed on the overtures. And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee commissioned a poll aimed at coaxing Mr. Bredesen to run.

Mr. Bredesen is in Washington this week and is said to be nearing a decision.

James Mackler, a Nashville attorney and Iraq War veteran, is already running for the Democratic nomination, having entered the race before Corker announced he would not seek reelection.

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn and former U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher are running in the GOP primary with early polling indicating Blackburn may be the fronrunnner at this point.

5 Responses to National Democrats urging Bredesen to run for U.S. Senate

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    David A. Collins says:

    Bredesen would be a good candidate for the Democratic Party. I believe he was the last Democrat to win a state-wide election and when he ran before, he was embraced from Bristol to Memphis. He would certainly be more appealing to moderate republicans than Marsha Blackburn would be. Hope he runs.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Indeed, nothing excites a “moderate Republican” more than doing whatever one can to make Chuck Schumer majority leader and putting the Democrats in control of the Senate so charmers like Kamala Harris, and the fetching Elizabeth Warren can become committee chairmen while the Democratic caucus (average Heritage score 8) determines the agenda of the Senate and confirms Supreme Court and other key nominees. Simply reeks of “moderation” I say!

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      Linda says:

      I thought “I” was a conservative Republican until I met Marsha–I voted for Bredesen twice for governor and I believe the state, and maybe of more importance, the country, NEEDS HIM NOW!

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        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Linda, you voted for Bredesen twice for governor instead of two very sound conservatives like Van Hilleary and Jim Bryson and now you feel that the country “NEEDS” Bredesen so he can do his part to deliver control of the Senate to the far left Democratic Party. For you to spend a single minute of your time thinking that you were a “conservative Republican” simply means you were very, very confused and hopefully you now have come to the realization that you are a liberal whose home is the Democratic Party and you NEVER, EVER even think of voting in the Republican primary again.

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    Bill Hennessee says:

    No. Bredesen needs to stay in retirement and enjoy his billions or campaign for Mackler. Bredesen cares nothing for the average Tennessean, just like Marshamarshamarsha. Remember Bredesen kicked 200,000 people off of health care because they were in his own words the “sickest and most needy.”

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