Nashville mayor pleads guilty to theft, resigns from office

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry today pleaded guilty to a theft charge tied to her affair with her former police bodyguard, Rob Forrest, then resigned from office.  She agreed as part of a plea bargain to reimburse the city $11,000 and serve three years on probation.

The deal also called for her resignation and she officially announced that at a news conference following her court appearance.

.From The Tennessean’s report:

Barry said is has been her “honor and privilege” to serve as mayor and urged residents to rally behind her successor. 

“No one Is as excited about this city and its bright and limitless future as I am,” Barry said. “Nashville, with its boundless energy, its infectious optimism, it has never encountered an obstacle it couldn’t overcome attitude, will in the years ahead continue its steady march toward the very top of the list of great American cities. It’s a continued climb that I will watch but I will watch as a private citizen.

“I love you Nashville,” she concluded. 

The resignation means that Vice Mayor David Briley will be sworn as mayor.

“I think you in advance for the support I am sure you will give Mayor Briley in the weeks ahead,” Barry said. 

Taking the unusual step of appearing himself in court, instead of assigning a deputy, District Attorney Glenn Funk said that “had this case gone to trial, witnesses are available who would testify that in March 2016 and January 2018 Megan Barry caused over 10K but less than 60K in Metro Nashville city funds to be expended unlawfully on Mr. Robert Forrest.

… The indictment comes days after a Nashville judge issued a search warrant at the request of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation seeking possession of her cellphone.

An affidavit filed with the warrant said nude photos taken from the phone of Forrest are evidence Barry engaged in the affair while he was on duty. Barry repeatedly has denied that their romantic interactions took place while Forrest was on the clock.

The photos are referenced in an affidavit in support of a search warrant that Nashville Judge Steve Dozier signed seeking access to the contents of Barry’s cellphone. It was filed in the Criminal Court Clerk’s office, and Barry’s attorney said he provided the pass code to the mayor’s personal cellphone to the TBI days later.

The indictment comes weeks after Barry admitted to an affair that began in the spring of 2016 with her former police bodyguard.

Barry was the subject of multiple investigations and the charges mark a stunning turn of events for the mayor, elected in September 2015 and seen as a rising star nationally and at the city-level for Democrats.

10 Responses to Nashville mayor pleads guilty to theft, resigns from office

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    Steve L. says:

    Good riddance.

  • Avatar
    cjmcd says:

    Another socialist bites the dust. Anyone surprised? These left wing people sure like spending other people’s money, don’t they?

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    I wonder how much Trump and Co. (family and friends) have stolen from taxpayers while stroking all the women he can find.

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    Norma Shirk says:

    The old double-standard remains in place. Megan Barry is hounded into resignation. The former governor of SC went to Argentina pursuing his mistress, lied repeatedly about and got elected to Congress. The governor of MO is being investigated for sexual misconduct and extortion but remains in office. Trump got elected president with support from the morally bankrupt evangelicals after admitting sexual assault. Some things never seem to change.

    • Avatar
      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      So let me get this straight Norma, despite every pole I have ever seen has an overwhelming percentage of the news media identifying themselves as left-of-center (liberal, progressive, etc.) you feel as though the news re: sexual corruption in office is somehow slanted favoring conservatives. Right? If so, I find that one astounding observation.

      BTW, Trump didn’t say HE sexually assaulted women like, for example, Bill Clinton. If you listen to that private conversation to which I think you’re referring in it’s entirety Trump laughably said to his buddy that many women are so star struck that if you are famous enough you can grab them and they wouldn’t even report it to the police or anyone else. Besides, what we have not had to endure is Melania serving as a decades long defender of her husband’s sexually predatory ways by maligning his female victims before running for high political office. I’m sure you join me in at least being grateful for that.

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    Lance Persson says:

    Ranting, raving and angry democrats try to take the focus away from the fact that one of their own lied to the public and stole from the public. Use your common sense and start voting in people you can trust and stop calling people you don’t really know nasty names.

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    JudyR says:

    Everyone in Nashville should have a heavy heart today instead of salivating. Magen Barry could and would have done a great job for Nashville but acceptance of her bad choices and offer to reimburse for any funds found wrongfully used was not enough.

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      Steve L. says:

      Had she tendered her resignation the same day she confessed to her bad choices, so many would not have been salivating. Since her admission she has only been disgustingly negotiating for a good deal. Her punishment for a class C felony was not enough. That means she struck a great deal. But I am in hope that there is a betrayed wife out there who will finish her off in civil court. And, btw, that resignation was forced by a felony theft charge against the mayor and not by a moral judgement. Sad day for Nashville, truly.

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