Meet the nicer, gentler (but still tough) Diane Black

Republican gubernatorial candidate Diane Black’s latest TV ad addresses the question about why she has been “so tough” in her campaign.

Popcorn in hand, Black says: “I figure, if I make tough choices as governor, maybe our grand-kids’ generation won’t have it so tough when they grow up.” She then hands said popcorn over to some kids playing dominoes and urges voters to “hang tough with me.”

Here’s the full transcript of the ad:

“You know, people ask me, ‘Why are you so tough in your campaign?’ Well maybe it is tough to oppose illegal immigration, to crack down on opioid pill mills and human traffickers. You know, maybe it is tough to stand firm to try to save our Tennessee way of life. But I figure, if I make tough choices as governor, maybe our grand-kids’ generation won’t have it so tough when they grow up. I’m Diane Black. I need you to hang tough with me.”


12 Responses to Meet the nicer, gentler (but still tough) Diane Black

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    Phil Lassiter says:

    Diane lost. I’ve already explained each many times.

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    John W Niven Jr says:

    If Diane loses (and she won’t), it’s Tennessee’s loss

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    Melanie Tuck says:

    This must be Diane pulling out the last stop seeing as she lost thousands of voters due to the negative ads she’s run on other candidates. It’s too little too late. I pray she loses. She’s a phony and corrupt.

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    MarLE says:

    Ok…softer, maybe. But still disingenuous. Really concerned with how your grand kids will have it? Then how bout not saddling them with increasing and irresponsible debt levels. Or will that be paid by the Great-grandchildren? Oh, yes……that’s much better, then.

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    Donna Locke says:

    The stakes are high. For us, but especially for the next generations. If Americans don’t grasp this, they shouldn’t even be at the polls.

    Diane could avoid this slugfest, but she chose to fight.

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    Leslie Parsley says:

    But underneath she’s the same ole Diane. Dishonest, mean, and a huge liability to the people of this state.

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    Lance Persson says:

    The issue is her nasty and twisted videos that for the most part are untrue. It is NOT about tough decisions. She had the opportunity to make tough decisions when she was in congress and didn’t do it. Instead she followed the direction of Ryan and caved in time and time again.

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    Tennessee Jed says:

    Dishonest D.C. Diane lying to us again.

    Her political advisors are awful. No feel for Tennessee voters. SAD!

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    Mike S. says:

    Diane Black has spent a lot of time and energy earning well the deserved reputation as a career politician who will do and say anything to win an election. Nobody who knows Diane believes that a bowl of popcorn is going to make a difference.

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    Bob Fischer says:

    If she was worried about her grandchildren she would be investing in education, like the Russians, Iranians , Chinese and everyone else that is beating us in the marketplace. You don’t have to know how to manage a budget to talk tough and run a campaign based on hating your fellow man, but governing that way will drag this state down even farther than it is.

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    Dan Gilley says:

    Too little too late. This has to be the meanest campaign ever, and she is downright mean and dirty. We do not need Ms. Black as our governor, or anything for that matter. Is this the example we want for our children and grandchildren? I don’t think so. Go back to your castle and count your millions. You would be enough for me to vote for that Dean fellow.

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