McNally says bathroom bill no longer needed; sponsors disagree

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally says that he sees no need for Tennessee’s so-called bathroom bill now that President Trump has issued a new guidance on transgender students and rest rooms, reports The Tennessean.

“I think given what the Trump administration has done, my assessment would be it’s not needed,” McNally said Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education announced that their agencies were withdrawing a guidance advanced last year by the Obama administration that permitted students to use restrooms for their chosen gender.

…McNally said he thinks the latest announcement returned the power to state and local governments to make the decision on how to address the issue.

“I think leaving it up to local districts to handle on an individual basis would be best. They’re responsible to the people in that county or that city and I think that’s handled best at that level,” the Oak Ridge Republican said.

McNally’s remarks are in line with Gov. Bill Haslam, who has frequently said he prefers to allow districts to handle the matter on a case by case basis rather than instituting a statewide policy.

…Despite the recent reversal, Rep. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon, said Thursday he has no plans to halt the bill he and Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, are pushing… Pody said he was “very happy” about the recent guideline that reversed the Obama administration’s decision on the matter but he stood behind his bill.

“I think something should be done. And it will be up to the entire state legislature to make the decision to concur or if they think it’s unnecessary,” he said.

Beavers tells the Nashville Post that she also intends to push for passage of the measure.

“I do plan to pursue the bill,” Beavers said, adding that the administration’s decision leaves it up to the states to decide how to handle things. “I’m not sure that [McNally] has read all of President Trump’s comments on that.”

2 Responses to McNally says bathroom bill no longer needed; sponsors disagree

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    David A. Collins says:

    Mae Beavers needs to channel all her energies to guarding against that church by church jihadist attack that she was so upset about a week or so ago. Just another example of Beaver’s and Pody’s love for big government. They are not at all interested in letting local people make decisions for themselves. Not as long as State Government is there ready to ram something down their throats!

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    Michael Lottman says:

    This bill was never necessary–it is just grandstanding over an issue that schools and others have faced for many years without the government’s help. Now it’s even less necessary since Trump has withdrawn Obama’s policy on the subject, without which the case would never have wound up before the Supreme Court. (Of course, why the Supremes decided to take this case anyway is beyond comprehension, and they will probably take this opportunity to drop it.) The bill’s sponsors just want to wring a few more drops of divisiveness and prejudice out of the issue before it dies a natural death. People who are not “like us” should of course be treated with respect, but courts and legislatures have no business telling us where we can go to the toilet. That is too much even for me.

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