Matlock poll shows tight race with Burchett in 2nd Congressional District GOP primary

Press release from Jimmy Matlock campaign

According to a recent survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Neil Newhouse, East Tennessee voters who hear Jimmy Matlock’s message want the conservative businessman to be their next Congressman. Among those voters, Matlock leads career politician Tim Burchett 41%-40%.

“This is a two-way race between Matlock and Burchett. No other candidate tested on the ballot garners more than 2% of the vote,” said Newhouse.

In addition, two-thirds of potential GOP primary voters in Tennessee’s Second Congressional District say Congressman Jimmy Duncan’s endorsement of Matlock makes them more likely to vote for him. These results “indicate the significant traction and potency of Duncan’s pull among Republicans in the district,” said Newhouse.

Moreover, seven out of ten GOP voters in East Tennessee are less likely to vote for Burchett when they learn about his vote as a state legislator in favor of Democratic leadership and his vote for an increase in the state sales tax.

“These survey results confirm what our campaign has known since we got in this race: the good people of East Tennessee want a political outsider with a proven conservative record to carry on Representative Duncan’s legacy in Congress – not a career politician with a record of voting for tax hikes and Democrats,” said Matlock.

The survey of 300 potential GOP primary voters was conducted in May and had a margin of error of 5.66%. It was taken after Congressman Duncan, a staunch ally of President Trump in Washington, endorsed Matlock.

Newhouse has been the lead pollster in Presidential campaigns, and his firm is the pollster of record for four current Tennessee Congressmen, and many other top Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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    Bob Miles says:

    Jimmy Matkock keeps calling Tim Burchett a career politician, but praises the number one career politician of almost 30 years Jimmy Duncan. The same Jimmy Duncan who kept voting for Boehner to be Speaker. The same Jimmy Duncan who would not hold a town hall meeting with his constituents because he says that’s when the kooks come out.

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    James White says:

    At lease Tim Burchett did NOT vote for an Article V Constitutional Convention (not in legislature) like Matlock DID. Boo Hiss Matlock.

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    Jim George says:

    Come on Tom, are you serious ? This was admittedly a push poll from the Matlock campaign. Anyone who can read through the political jargon here can see they’re clearly saying that even after trashing Burchett to respondents, they’re still only up one point. Also the sample size on this poll is laughable, the margin of error is large.

    • Tom Humphrey
      Tom Humphrey says:

      Well, it’s clearly identified as a Matlock campaign press release and posted so political junkies can see what he’s doing and saying and draw their own conclusions — as you apparently have. And wouldn’t argue any of your points here. Except, maybe, it’s not ‘admittedly’ a push poll.

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    Steve L. says:

    The first time I read that article, I thought Tom had written it. But, I reasoned, Tom does not do political ads for anyone. I reread it and saw it was a press release/statement for the Matlock campaign. I will not be voting for Matlock. Not certain Knox County “Duncan voters” will follow his endorsement when they already have first hand knowledge of Tim and his body of work, politically speaking. I feel bad for Duncan. How low does your political career have to get to support Matlock? So sad.

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    Bob Miles says:

    Not all of Newhouse’s polls are correct. Here’s what The NY Times had to say about one of his polls.

    Neil Newhouse had felt the thrill and the agony many times in three decades as a Republican pollster. But nothing matched the hurt of November 2012. “The high of winning is nowhere near the low of losing,” said Mr. Newhouse, whose polls had pointed toward a Mitt Romney victory over President Obama.

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    Susan Gingrich says:

    Tim Burchett and his campaign are honest, Matlock and his inflammatory campaign aren’t.

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    John S says:

    All the Burchett fans jumped in to trash the story. Who really believes Burchett is serious enough to be a member of Congress? How long until he embarrasses the second district with some half baked statements

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      Bob Fischer says:

      You clearly haven’t been reading Matlock’s facebook posts. The guy is a flat out embarrassment to the human race.

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    Losing is not fun says:

    For those of you that didn’t understand what this article was saying. It states that the people who know Matlock is or the ones that have a favorable opinion of Matlock 41% say the will vote for him. This is not a head to head pill this is looking at the name ID cross tab. Loved how they phrased it “East Tennessee voters who hear Jimmy Matlock’s message want the conservative businessman to be their next Congressman.”

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    John Kelley says:

    I knew Tim Burchett professionally more than 20 years ago and quite frankly he is an honest to goodness idiot that can’t do anything else but run for office. Let’s please stop electing career politicians.

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