Matlock launches new TV ad in 2nd District race

State Rep. Jimmy Matlock (R-Lenoir City) is launching a new ad in his 2nd Congressional District nomination contest against Knox County Mayor Tim Buchett and businessman Jason Emert.

Matlock in a release cites Burchett’s “decades in political office” (Matlock has been a state representative since 2007), as well as his opponent’s votes for then-Senate Speaker John Wilder, a Somerville Democrat.

Here’s a new ad that Emert released this week:

And the one that Burchett has been running:

5 Responses to Matlock launches new TV ad in 2nd District race

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    James White says:

    Too Bad Matlock voted FOR an Article V Constitutional Convention.
    Anyone but Matlock !

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    Bob Miles says:

    He can’t run on merits or issues, he can only attack.

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    Tennessee Jed says:

    What’s up with Republicans lately. Can none of them build their own business? Seems like they all have to inherit it from daddy. Trump…Haslam….Matlock.

    I want just one representative that starts in the batter’s box and made their own way around the bases. Not that impressed by someone who starts out life at 2nd or 3rd base and scores a run. East Tennessee needs a leader who understands the struggles that everyday people in this district go through just trying to make their way to second base.

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    James says:

    Amen anyone but Matlock

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