Marsha Blackburn, a ‘neo-Confederate secessionist’ and a 2004 prayer in the U.S. House

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn once brought an avowed neo-Confederate secessionist she’d known for decades to deliver the opening prayer for the House of Representatives, according to Talking Points Memo.

Blackburn, who is currently running for the Senate, invited the Rev. David O. Jones, a Tennessee pastor and Christian home-school program head who says he’s known her since the late 1970s, to give the opening prayer for the House in 2004.

Jones, who has long advocated southern secession, told TPM this week that while slavery was abhorrent it was “basically cradle to grave security” for many southern blacks… When Blackburn invited him to Congress, Jones was in the middle of a long tenure heading the Tennessee chapter of the League of the South — an explicitly secessionist group that has been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2000 because of leader Michael Hill’s racist comments as well as its ties to co-founder Jack Kershaw, best known for serving as the lawyer for Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassin and erecting a statue outside Nashville of the Ku Klux Klan founder, Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.

…“Marsha is appalled by saddened by the actions and words of these hate-filled organizations. Marsha has not seen Rev. Jones in over a decade and was not aware he was affiliated with this organization,” Blackburn spokeswoman Andrea Bozek told TPM in an email.

Blackburn walked away and ignored TPM’s question about Jones after saying hello as she entered the House floor on Wednesday afternoon.

Jones agreed it was possible, even probable, that Blackburn wouldn’t have known about his views, and while he thought he had last seen her six or seven years he agreed  a decade might well have elapsed. But his description of their “moderately close” earlier relationship suggested closer ties than Blackburn wants to acknowledge now.

Note: The Tennessee Democratic Party has sent an email to Tennessee media pointing out the TPM article.

3 Responses to Marsha Blackburn, a ‘neo-Confederate secessionist’ and a 2004 prayer in the U.S. House

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    Jerry McDonough says:

    And, so, the “slime” begins! The socialists. aka globalists, will do anything to prevent Ms. Blackburn from upsetting their “gravy train” in the senate.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Frankly, I was concerned. I always judge the success of conservative political campaigns by whether and to what intensity the liberals deploy the race card and/or the class envy card. We now have every prospect that the long line of tepid conservative/liberal U.S. senators from Tennessee is going to finally give way to a real conservative in Marsha Blackburn and until now no race or class envy card has been played.

    Thank you Talking Points Memo. I am now reassured that Marsha’s campaign is off and running and she is on her way to the U. S. Senate.

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    Bernie Ellis says:

    Two previous comments, one of which is anti-Semitic and the other of which is delusional. No surprise, since that is both Marsha’s and Mad King Cheato’s base. “Opioid Epidemic Enabler Barbie” is hardly a real conservative any more than the modern day GOP/RICO, now the party of George Lincoln Rockwell, resembles the once-honorable Party of Lincoln. No, Marsha is hardly a real conservative BUT she is a real Corporatist. For you reich-wing mouth-breathers, that’s just a longer word for fascist. Same diff.

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