Mae Beavers bows out of debate following death of her mother

Press release from  Mae Beavers campaign

Candidate for Governor, Mae Beavers, issues a statement on the SCORE Gubernatorial Forum and the passing of her Mom, Evelyn Louise Spruill.

“It is with much regret that I will not be able to be at the SCORE Gubernatorial debate tonight. SCORE is focused on educational issues and you will not find a candidate more passionate about the education of all our children. My mother passed away this weekend and her funeral was today, and though I was looking forward to this debate, it is not possible to be with you tonight.

My mother was one of the hardest working women you have ever known. When we four children were small she babysat for others and did laundry for Trevecca Nazarene University students so that she and Dad could pay tuition for four children to go to Trevecca Elementary School. Every night before bed, she read Bible Stories and books that I will always remember. We were encouraged to do our best in school, and my Mom loved all forms of education, so much so, she earned money as a proof-reader to support me and my siblings, by even proofing medical books for Vanderbilt.

Education issues are very important to me. In short, here are three key points I want to implement as Governor. Children need to be able to read by 3rd grade before going onto higher levels. We need to bring back phonetic teaching of reading, and English immersion is vastly important for a non-English-speaking child who will attend our Tennessee schools. Anyone who is an adult who can’t read will tell you how important that would have been for them.
To read more about education, my support for teachers and the testing problems, “school choice,” and more, you can read this interview from Trend or on my website.”
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The Mae Beavers for Governor website’s issues page, found here:

Note: Mrs. Spruill’s obituary is HERE.

4 Responses to Mae Beavers bows out of debate following death of her mother

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    Karen Bracken says:

    So sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Beavers mother. Also, sorry that she will not be at the education panel. I believe she would have set herself apart from the other candidates because she has been closer to this issue than any of the other candidates. I believe she would have exposed the fact that, although we are being told TN no longer has Common Core, we are not being told the truth and Mrs. Beavers knows it. She also DID NOT vote for First to the Top/Common Core in 2010 (Diane Black was a TN Senator at the time and she voted FOR FTTP/CC). Mae also sponsored a REAL bill to kill and replace Common Core not just the name (like under Haslam) but to remove and replace the standards too.

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    Kay White says:

    I, too, am very sad for Mae in the loss of her Mother. I lost my Mother three years ago and the pain even with the loving memories is still in my heart. A good Mother like Mae described is beyond measure and I am sure that her Mother, like mine, was one of her best friends. I am praying for her and her family.

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    Annette Page says:

    So Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother sending prayers and love to you a andyour family

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    Sam Cooper says:

    I believe her absence due to the passing of her Mother only cements for me the fact that she is a person who puts family in the top of her priorities. In a time when the family is being pushed back, we need a person who realizes that family is the core of our society. Family values have been ignored and put lower in the priorities for many of the last several years and our society has suffered for it.

    I lost my mother about 10 years ago and my father this past summer. I cannot express the feeling of loss. My heart felt understanding and prayers go out to Mae and her family on her loss.

    Mae is a solid person who we MUST support and get behind. Beliefs such as this are the foundation on which we need to get our state back on track.

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