Legislature’s secret sexual harassment video reviewed by reporter

Cari Wade Gervin has a Nashville Scene review of the video that is required watching for state legislators and their staff but officially forbidden for viewing by the general public and media. Seems she simply found a staffer willing to let her watch as the video was playing. It’s reported as running 22 minutes, 56 seconds — somewhat longer than the 15 -minute length initially reported. (Previous post-HERE.)


Entitled “It’s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment for Employees,” the video outlines numerous scenarios that could be considered sexual harassment or that contribute to a hostile workplace. There is no interactive quality to the video — no questions to fill out, no quiz at the end, nothing at all to ensure the person watching the video actually paid any attention whatsoever. And although the staffer we watched it with did pay attention, being a scrupulous sort of person, we have heard that many other staffers are just playing the video in the background on mute and then printing out the certificate of completion at the end. It’s also been rumored that staff are “watching” their bosses’ versions of the video for them. (There’s a separate, different video of about the same length for anyone in a management position, which obviously includes legislators.)

Here are the scenarios deemed harassing in the poorly-acted sketches:

A female supervisor propositioning a male employee in order for him to be selected to attend a conference

A man telling a woman “nice rack”

A male employee sending a female employee a sexy Photoshopped picture of her

A male repeatedly and unwantedly asking a female coworker out

Two women ogling a younger male employee

A male hotel guest employee commenting on a maid’s derriere when she bent over to pick dirty towels off the floor

A woman getting passed over for a promotion in favor of a younger, prettier woman

A woman being passed over for a promotion because she’s pregnant

A male employee saying a female employee has no business doing their job because she’s a woman

A male massaging a female employee’s hand without her permission

Two male employees harassing a gay male employee for being effeminate

A male employee asking a gay male employee whether his pink shirt makes him look gay

A woman being transferred to another job in retaliation for complaining about being sexually harassed.

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