Legislative candidate contends TBI raid on residence was politically motivated

Jeremy Hayes, a candidate for the Republican nomination in House District 57, says a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation raid on a residence where he is selling was aimed at sabotaging his race against incumbent Republican Rep. Susan Lynn (R-Mount Juliet). The TBI says it was investigating allegations that Hayes lives in Davidson County but has voted in Wilson County, which is also home to House District 57.

From the Lebanon Democrat’s report:

“It came to our attention a while back, probably in October or November. We were contacted by the state election commission,” (District Attorney General Tommy)Thompson said. “They had looked at it and said it looked suspicious. There were two different counties involved, so I called the TBI and had them look into it. This is the first time a voter fraud issue was made that was this big

… According to TBI public information officer Susan Niland, special agents executed a search warrant at Hayes’ townhome Tuesday at 133 Noel Cove Circle in Hermitage in Davidson County.

Hayes said TBI agents showed up at the door of his Hermitage townhome after he got out of the shower, and when he told the officers he would let them inside after he changed clothes, the agents tackled him to the ground.

Niland said no TBI agents tackled Hayes. No arrests were made.

“The TBI raided a townhome we own, which we are putting on the market within two weeks, that I do not live in,” said Hayes. “They were searching for proof that I have not been staying at the other residence for four to five [days] a week.”

… Hayes also said agents showed up at his home where he claims he lives at 120 Southwest Cook Road (in Wilson County) without a search warrant, and he asked them to leave after about four hours of questioning… “(T)hey attempted to scare my grandmother into illegally searching our home,” said Hayes

…“While I did question his residency status with the state administrator of elections, I was as surprised as anyone to hear of the TBI search warrant [Tuesday],” said Lynn. “I have no information about this issue beyond what has already been reported.”

According to Niland, the illegal voting investigation remained ongoing, and the findings would be presented to Thompson’s office at the conclusion.

According to state law, illegal voting is a class D felony.

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