Lee runs first ad of general election campaign

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee has released his first ad of the general election campaign.

Here’s a transcript of the ad:

I’ve never run for office before. It’s an interesting experience and you sure learn some things. Like politics isn’t the solution, it’s generally the problem. People are the solution. So, whatever your party or if you’ve just given up on politics altogether I hope to earn your support. Tennessee is a great state, but you and I, we can make it even better.

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    Michael Lottman says:

    There is no content to what Lee says in his TV ads that I have seen, or in this statement. Either he has no
    stand on any issues, or he does not understand them enough to take a stand, or he intends to prevail by not letting anyone know what he thinks or intends to do if elected. Whatever explains this lack of substance, I believe we deserve a candidate who tells us whom and what we are voting for.

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    Tennessee Jed says:

    Always funny when a politician says that politics aren’t the solution. Makes me want to ask: “If they aren’t the solution, then why are you running?”

    He could have said that more government intervention is not the solution. That would have been a reasonable assertion for a campaign ad. But that is not what he said. He just said “politics isn’t the solution.”

    The Lee campaign is already gearing up to be the most non-committal campaign in history. He will run on feel-good platitudes that really say nothing but test well with audiences barely paying attention for more than a half second in the commercial break of their favorite tv show. But hey, it worked in the primaries.

    This is why I backed Harwell. She had actual government experience, and we had a reasonable idea of how she would govern if elected. I am really worried about Lee’s preparation for the job.

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      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself. In fact, as I recall I did say something similar over and over again when I spoke about “No Record Candidate” Lee. I chose Black instead of Harwell but at the end it made no difference, the plurality chose vaporousness instead of substance and we have no runoffs so that’s that.

      I will end up voting for Lee with the hope that all the conservatives who supported him in the primary will prevent him from doing anything too terrible and I almost always vote for a Republican for his initial term in office when he is opposed by a liberal like Dean. In order not to have digestion problems, however, I will try to ignore the gubernatorial race and concentrate on getting Marsha elected to the U.S. Senate.

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        Bob Fischer says:

        Is Marsha actually dealing in issues that affect Tennesseans now? Aside from raising their internet costs and giving pharmaceutical companies more access to our hundreds of thousands of addicts?

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      Misty Pardner says:

      Exactly Jed.

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