Lee names coronavirus task force

Gov. Bill Lee has named by a task force to handle the state’s response to the threat of the coronavirus.

“As confirmed cases of the coronavirus spread across the country, it is important that Tennessee remains prepared,” Lee said in a release. “To help us be even better prepared, this group of experts will work closely with me and my administration, along with local, state, and federal agencies as we continue to monitor any potential developments. I appreciate their willingness to serve our state.”

Here’s the release from the governor’s office:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Today, Governor Bill Lee announced the formation of a Coronavirus Task Force to enhance Tennessee’s coordinated efforts to prevent, identify, and treat potential cases of COVID-19.

“As confirmed cases of the coronavirus spread across the country, it is important that Tennessee remains prepared,” said Gov. Bill Lee. “To help us be even better prepared, this group of experts will work closely with me and my administration, along with local, state, and federal agencies as we continue to monitor any potential developments. I appreciate their willingness to serve our state.”

The task force will develop and execute strong precautionary measures, resource allocation, and emergency response plans should the need arise in Tennessee.

The following Tennesseans will serve on the task force: 

  • Dr. Lisa Piercey, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Health
  • Dr. Penny Schwinn, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Education
  • Dr. Jonathan Moorman, Infectious Disease Division Chief, East TN State University
  • Dr. Martha Buchanan, Director, Knox County Metro Health Dept.
  • Mike Krause, Executive Director, TN Higher Education Commission
  • Bradley Jackson, President and CEO, TN Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Tom Talbot, Chief Hospital Epidemiologist, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Dr. Jonathan Perlin, Chief Medical Officer, HCA
  • Dr. Wendy Long, President and CEO, TN Hospital Association
  • Dr. Sara Cross, Infectious Disease Chief, Regional One Health
  • Holly Sullivan, Director of Worldwide Economic Development, Amazon
  • Doug Kreulen, Chief Executive Officer, Nashville International Airport
  • Jeff Aiken, President, TN Farm Bureau
  • David Lusk, Director, FedEx Global Security Operations Center
  • Rebecca Kelly, State Director, AARP Tennessee

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20 Responses to Lee names coronavirus task force

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    Way overblown.

    • Avatar
      MARLE says:

      It a flu virus for pete’s sake. Flu season in 2018 KIlled 70 Thousand in the US. Did the president go on TV and mention any of those thousands who died? Did we stop air travel, decimating the entire travel, hospitality, and banking industries (thanks in part to the Trump FED).

      Anyone hear Trump telling anyone anything about this level of human carnage? Not really so much as a run of the mill “dog bites man” story buried on page 6.

      So why now, and why such an over-reaction? This administration and the press on both sides that cover it should knock it off.

  • Avatar
    JAMES B. GARRETT says:

    I agree this is much to do about little. People have been making the comparison between the flu and the coronavirus since the story line first broke. But what I don’t understand is this – there is a group of people who, when the stories first broke, screamed the President was not doing enough to protect the people of these United States. Even though he had taken action to restrict travel to and from the affected areas. Once the President took a more definitive action, this same group said “OMG, he is taking too much action to restrict our rights and freedoms.” Or else they are saying he is not spending enough to protect us. Go figure. To me it is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t mindset. My recommendation to the President is do what you think is best and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Avatar
      MARLE says:

      The president has the First responsibility to be measured and not light the match….which he certainly did. The very first thing that should have been done was to put THIS virus in context. It took Trump 4 weeks to say publicly that Americans die by the 10’s of thousands each yr from the flu.

      In the meantime HE had set the predicate for panic. Little surprise that his political opponents would just glum onto the tone he set and try to make political hay out of it.

      But he alone has the ultimate responsibility Not to light the match.

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  • Avatar
    Phil Lassiter says:

    First question: do we allow Bonnaroo? 110,000 people from all over the world in Tenessee in one place with limited sanitation? It’s just around the corner……

  • Avatar
    LeeAnn C. says:

    My word! Wash your hands!

  • Avatar
    Beatrice Shaw says:

    I just heard the virus is here in Tennessee!! I heard Williamson County!! Not far from here We have to stop this It will kill the elderly and disabled quickly

  • Avatar
    MARLE says:

    Beatrice…..the annual garden variety flu kills between 30 and 70 THOUSAND Americans each year. And it kills the weak, elderly, compromised.

    When 35 MILLION Americans got the flu in 2018 (and there is NO Cure for the flu) were you AFRAID????

    It has been all around you in Tennessee each flu season.

  • Avatar
    Beatrice Shaw says:

    no, not like this this is a wildfire

  • Avatar
    Stuart Anderson II says:

    It’s all fake news. A left wing hoax. All that stuff about folks having a virus and quarantines is a hoax. Jim Bakker has answer, just look up “Silver Solution”. If the flu kills around 70,000 people, then a few thousand dead as a result of this is no big deal anyway, if that were to happen — I think you folks are right about this. Donald Trump says folks who are sick should go to work and they will feel better and that is clearly the way to show this is all just some liberal scam to obscure the truth. Even if it’s all around us, we just need to let anyone the government is trying to quarantine to get out and about and that will prove this is nonsense. Smart thinking it seems to me.

    • Avatar
      Beatrice Shaw says:

      you people are utterly reprehensible. How many more DUI deaths are acceptable for the liquor mongers? How many more workplace safety deaths are acceptable for profit? How many more mass shooting deaths are acceptable for ‘rights’? Look at all we try to do to save one life on an everyday basis. You are just shrugging off the thousands who will die. I cannot believe the attitude here.

      • Avatar
        MARLE says:

        How worried were you Beatrice in 2018 when 70 THOUSAND died in the US from the annual flu?

        How many Democrats warned Americans to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks? How many airlines canceled whole flight routes in 2018.

        The job of the President is to provide context to the Average American who knows little. THIS president said nothing about context (corona vs annual flu, which by the way is also a Coronavirus) to allay fears EARLY.

        In fact he said nothing until a month had passed when he FIRST mentioned how many die from the annual flu. By then it was too late to stop the hemorrhage that was in full flow.

    • Avatar
      MARLE says:

      Donald Trump didn’t tell anyone who is sick to go to work. His handling of this has been moronic but he didn’t do that.

      And yes……Stuart II ……if the flu kills 70 Thousand and we go about our lives then we should certainly do that when another flu, no more deadly, does the same.

  • Avatar
    Donna Locke says:

    Public service announcement. I’ll post this again sometime. Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract syrup is effective against flu viruses and other viruses. This brand is the original developed years ago by an Israeli virologist. I have used it many times. Only that brand. There are others that sound like it.

    You can find it in health food stores, Kroger, other places. I avoid the versions with artificial sweetener. Get the syrup with glucose in it. Get it now. Sometimes it is hard to find. Get the biggest bottle, 7.8 fluid ounces, or two small bottles. If you feel sick, take 2 teaspoons every 6 hours till the big bottle or 2 small bottles are empty. It is safe. Children can take it; see dose on bottle.

    It is effective against ear infections and other things.

    What happened to the story that this new virus came from bats in a Chinese research lab next to a seafood market in the city of outbreak?

  • Avatar
    Phil Lassiter says:

    Looks like major concerts, sporting events , fairs and festivals will be cancelled in TN this year. NOT good for the economy

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