Lee lifts COVID-19 restrictions in most counties, leaves mask requirement in hands of mayors

Gov. Bill Lee announced Tuesday he is lifting all pandemic-related restrictions on businesses in 89 of 95 Tennessee counties, but will continue to leave it to mayors to decide whether impose local mask mandates.

The governor said it will remain up to the six counties with their own independent health departments (Shelby, Davidson, Knox, Hamilton, Sullivan, and Madison) to craft their own rules, but urged them to also quickly rescind restrictions.

Tennessee ranked 13th in the country with about 287 new cases per 100,000 residents over the last two weeks, according to Associated Press data. Nearly 2,400 Tennesseans have died from virus-related causes.

8 Responses to Lee lifts COVID-19 restrictions in most counties, leaves mask requirement in hands of mayors

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    James White says:

    A swing and a miss

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    steve cates says:

    I wish I was not in a county that weak-kneed Lee rules!

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    Local sovereignty (up to a point). That’s OK. It’s simply great to be a Tennessean!

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    Wrong decision – now we will watch all those people that feel “free” start the pandemic process all over again. When you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat it! We will let this scientific experiment play out once again while we loose a few thousand more fellow Tennesseans to the virus. Sovereignty is great until what YOU do kills your neighbor or your own Mom, but I guess you have decided that you can tolerate that type of “freedom.” Science, not politics!

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    TJ says:

    Whatever has happened to self governing principles? It’s all good as long as your particular fears are being assuaged? What of others who don’t happen to agree with pandering to your fear? How can you fear a largely improbable threat more than an actual one standing in front of you. Americans used to think freely, and therefore insisted on making their own choices. Sadly, that seems to no longer be the case. Nashville has been victimized by tyrannical overreach. Here is wisdom: You rarely get more than you’re willing to settle for. More often you get less.

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    TJ, re-read your above post, but now, with the new information about Trump and Melania having tested positive for the virus. It is a little different. It bears repeating…you don’t wear a mask to protect yourself, you wear a mask to protect others. Now that the president has the virus in the middle of a campaign and very trying times, who will assuage the country’s fears?

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      MARLE says:

      Once again you appear to have it wrong.

      The White House Guidelines from the CDC say the following regarding who should be tested IF exposed to a person who tests positive:

      1) If you were within 6 feet of the person

      2) You were with that person for at least 15 minutes

      This is what makes you vulnerable IF you were around someone who HAS covid. It says Not One Word about A Mask making you less vulnerable. The guidelines do NOT say that IF you or the Covid positive person was wearing a mask then you are in any way protected or don’t need to get tested yourself.

      Presumably WITH or WITHOUT a mask being less than 6 ft for 15 minutes puts you at risk

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    Do you think the guidelines regarding “who should get tested IF they have been exposed” are different from “your chances of contracting the virus if BOTH people were wearing masks” or the “chances of
    contracting the virus is only ONE person was wearing a mask?” Would the chances be different (higher or lower?) if the ONE that was carrying the virus was the one wearing the mask or vice versa? There are lots of variables here. Masks are certainly not going to stop all virus all the time but they do stop some of it sometimes. The excuse that masks don’t work is a risky decision to make when your life may be on the line. It seems to me to be common sense to do everything you can to minimize your risk. There is still very much we do not know about this virus and the virus itself may be mutating as we discuss it. What works today may not work later this year.

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