Lee gives preview to annual budget address

Gov. Bill Lee is giving a preview to his annual State of the State address in a video released Monday morning.

Democrats on Friday made their prebuttal, which can be viewed here:

Here are some excerpts from Lee’s speech issued from a press release sent Monday:

Budget and Legislative Priorities

“We have conservative proposals for your consideration that will reduce crime, support strong families and get our economy back up to speed, especially in rural Tennessee. Our proposals honor the individual yet benefit the state as a whole, and they will leave us well-positioned for the recovery that has already begun across our state.”

Celebrating 225 Years of Statehood

“We will celebrate that since 1796 the ordinary has made us extraordinary and remember that generations before us have not just weathered but excelled in the cycle of perseverance, character and hope. I will once again travel to all 95 counties to reach the unsung people and places that make our state who she is.”

Vision for K-12 Education

“The reason we place so much focus on education is because students should be prepared for productive lives, not just the latest standardized test. I recently had a conversation with Commissioner Schwinn that the mission of the Department of Education should be simple: Students should be prepared for life beyond the classroom.”

Rural Investment

“Whether it’s running a small business, accessing virtual learning or accessing health care via telemedicine, slow internet speeds have many in rural Tennessee left at a disadvantage. A significant, one-time investment, combined with significant private investment, will get broadband to just about every community in Tennessee, and tonight, that’s exactly what I’m proposing.”

Pro-Life & Pro-Family

“But being pro-life isn’t just about defending the unborn and we must also think about how to use our passion for this issue to improve the lives of struggling families. My administration is preparing a number of new initiatives that we’ll announce throughout the year that will make Tennessee a national leader in foster care and adoption.”

2 Responses to Lee gives preview to annual budget address

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    Cannoneer2 says:

    Bill, have we completed the “nest feathering” of everyone that is in line for fat salaries and sweetheart deals? Time to reveal the “Oh, things are SO bad “reality” ?

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    Taxpayer #314 says:

    Responding to all those Lobbyists and keeping them employed and happy always takes a huge bite out of the budget. There just isn’t enough left to go around when the school boards come calling. We have all heard it said before…Conservatives don’t like to fund “public schools” because smarter students would cut into their base. But he did say that he “still believes in Tennessee.”

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