Lee gets celebrity help in seeking evangelical vote (‘God can work through him’)

Williamson County businessman Bill Lee has five celebrities serving as “honorary co-chairs” in a listing of his gubernatorial campaign supporters called  “Community and Faith-Based Advisory Council.”  Celebrities are country music star Ricky Skaggs, former Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher, former NASCAR driver Darrell Waltrip along with gospel singers Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith.

Here’s the campaign press release:

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Today, Williamson County businessman and farmer Bill Lee announced over 25 community leaders from across Tennessee have joined to form a Community and Faith-Based Advisory Council for the Lee gubernatorial campaign. The group will advise Lee on how to best engage and recruit faith and community-based organizations to help solve some of the state’s most pressing problems.

“Our faith-based nonprofits and our community organizations all across the state are the boots on the ground doing the real work solving some of our most pressing challenges,” said Lee. “We need to inspire and encourage our faith community to engage in ways that only they can.”

“I love Tennessee, and I have faith that our best days are ahead of us. I’m honored to have the support of these community leaders and I look forward to hearing from them throughout the course of this campaign as we work to make Tennessee an even better place to live,” Lee continued.

The coalition will be led by five Honorary Co-Chairs:

  • Steven Curtis Chapman – Franklin
  • Mike Fisher – Nashville
  • Ricky Skaggs – Nashville
  • Michael W. Smith – Franklin
  • Darrell Waltrip – Franklin

“I have known Bill for decades and I know he will be a great governor for Tennessee.  He is a strong man of faith, and I’m honored to serve on his faith based advisory committee.  I’m excited to see how God can work through him to help the people of Tennessee,” said honorary Co-Chairman Michael W. Smith.

“Faith leaders know that it’s compassion and commitment, not government, that can solve many of the big issues facing our state and our nation. I’m excited to help Bill in his efforts to help bring members of the faith community in to tackle some of these big problems,” said honorary Co-Chairman Mike Fisher.

“From education to prison reform to combatting addiction, leaders in the faith community are uniquely positioned on the front lines of some of the major issues we’re facing and they are handling problems much better than those stuck in government programs. I’m glad to see that Bill not only recognizes the power of faith in the public square but is forming this coalition to help tackle these pressing issues.  I’m honored to serve with him,” said honorary Co-Chairman Darrell Waltrip.

Over the coming weeks, Bill will be traveling the state to visit with leaders, employees and volunteers at multiple nonprofit and faith-based organizations.  He will be listening and learning on how they are improving their communities and fostering creative and innovative approaches to some of our most pressing challenges.

Coalition Members


Steven Curtis Chapman – Franklin
Mike Fisher – Nashville
Ricky Skaggs – Nashville
Michael W. Smith – Franklin
Darrell Waltrip – Franklin


Pastor Steve Berger – Franklin
Sarah Cantrell – Cleveland
Rev. Don Finto – Franklin
Dr. Craig Fry – Nashville
Dr. George Grant – Franklin
Scott Hamilton – Franklin
Rev. Tom Henry – Lebanon
Rev. Robert Hill – Memphis
Rev. Jody Jenkins – Johnson City
Larry Jensen – Memphis
Rev. Louis Johnston – Nashville
Raul Lopez – Nashville
David Parker – Chattanooga
Jim Satler – Chattanooga
Cindy Seaver     – Knoxville
Rev. Bobby Stewart – Wartburg
Marlene Tidwell – Brentwood
Rev. Horace Tipton – Memphis
Rev. Tommy Vallejos – Clarksville
Ruste Via – Alamo
David Wilson – Nashville
Clayton Wood – Knoxville

5 Responses to Lee gets celebrity help in seeking evangelical vote (‘God can work through him’)

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    I remember an interview that Elvis had and the reporter asked his opinion on some political person/activity. He responded, “Ma’am, I am an entertainer, why would anyone care what my political opinions are?” .
    Who cares what these people say?

  • Avatar
    Misty Pardner says:

    Pop Culture has infected the politic. Sadly the low information consumer will buy this and vote accordingly.

  • Avatar
    Donna Locke says:

    Go, Diane.

  • Avatar
    glasat says:

    Mr. Skaggs, et al, should take a break from tuning their guitars & pianos and read up on the First Amendment. Something in there about the separation of Church & State, if you remember? Why is it these people run to the U.S. Constitution when its principles suit their purposes, but conveniently ignore other facets which cannot legally (or, at times, morally) support their beliefs? Faith-based governance may fly with some Tennesseans, but here’s hoping that percentage is dwindling by the year. Nashville & Knoxvile may be “islands of blue in a sea of red,” but those cities are experiencing record population growth and the tide, if you will, is turning. And, hey, what else should I expect, after hearing Ricky tell an anti-gay “joke” at the Manatee County Fair in 2006? Thankfully, it fell flat…..crickets. Even down there in Florida, they’re progressing. And so are we.

  • Avatar
    James White says:

    Glasat, nowhere in the constitution is there separation of church and state. The only thing it says is CONGRESS shall pass no law. Congress has never passed a law. The COURTS do not make laws. I think they should put prayer back in school, the states or counties or cities should just do it. Congress has not passed any laws saying they can not do that and Congress will never pass that law.

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