Lee announces environmental stewardship awards

Gov. Bill Lee speaks to reporters after a bill signing ceremony in Nashville on May 24, 2021. (Erik Schelzig, Tennessee Journal)

Gov. Bill Lee and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner David Salyers have announced the winners of the 2021 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards. See the full release below.

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Commissioner David Salyers today announced the winners of the 2021 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards.

The winners will be formally recognized for their achievements and positive impact on the state’s natural resources and communities in an awards ceremony Oct. 4 in Franklin.

“Whether it’s a private business, a government body, or a college or university, we want to recognize those who are showing a commitment to protecting the environment in Tennessee,” Lee said. “Our honorees this year have proved worthy of such recognition.”

“We have an outstanding group of award recipients,” Salyers said. “We want these awards not only to honor the winners but to encourage others to follow their lead.”

The Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards program recognizes exceptional voluntary actions that improve or protect the environment and natural resources with projects or initiatives not required by law or regulation.

In its 35th year, the awards program covers the following categories: agriculture and forestry; building green; clean air; energy and renewable resources; environmental education and outreach; materials management; natural resource conservation; sustainable performance; and water quality conservation. TDEC did not name a winner this year in the clean air category.

The 2021 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award recipients are:

The City of KingsportSullivanNatural Resources
Clayton SavannahHardinMaterials Management
Coffee County Soil Conservation DistrictCoffeeAgriculture and Forestry
Cumberland River CompactDavidsonWater Quality
Nokian Tyres DaytonRheaSustainable Performance
Tennessee Tech UniversityPutnamBuilding Green
Trevecca Nazarene UniversityDavidsonEnvironmental Education and Outreach
Vanderbilt University*Bedford, Davidson, FranklinEnergy Renewable Resources
Not Awarded Clean Air

*The Vanderbilt University award is listed with three counties because the project took place in those counties.

The Knoxville Utilities Board, Metro Nashville Department of General Services, and Tennsco in Dickson are recognized with Pursuit of Excellence Awards, which recognize past award winners who continue to demonstrate a high regard for environmental stewardship.

The Robert Sparks Walker Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced at the awards ceremony.

A panel of 11 professionals representing agriculture, conservation, forestry, environment, and academic professions judged more than 75 nominations and selected this year’s award recipients based on criteria including on-the-ground environmental achievement, innovation, transferability, partnerships, and public education. Details about each award winner can be found in the accompanying attachment.

13 Responses to Lee announces environmental stewardship awards

  • Avatar
    Cryan says:

    Just another RINO environmentalist nut job.

    I’m not surprised his administration vaccinated children without parental consent using the flawed liberal Supreme Court theory of Mature Minor Doctrine.

    And I’m not surprised that RINO Stuart is obsessed with promoting the falsehood that Lee will go unchallenged.

    January 16, 2021 Stuart I Anderson says:

    “The Republicans who voted for (Trump) were WRONG. Trump is a jerk. He… lost. He is going out (of office) like a jerk.”

    Lee has failed to attend any of Trump’s rallies this year. But he has plenty of time for Democrat celebrities like Brad Paisley. Andy Ogles went to the very first Trump rally this year in Ohio. Who has Trump’s back?

    Are you all going to drain the swamp, or was that a lie?

  • Avatar
    Karen Bracken says:

    Awards given out to those that carried the water for UN Agenda21/Sustainable Development/Great Reset. Tennessee has been in bed with these initiatives for years. Chattanooga was one of the original beta sites for A21. The Sustainable Development for Education Tool Kit was created right here at the U of T Knoxville. The document strongly supported the RIO conference in 1992 which brought A21 to America. It also states in essence that in order to obtain SD we must dumb people down so they don’t use as many resources because educated people make more money and therefore use more resources. These people won’t be happy until we are living in tents using candles. Now Lee is paying people to come to TN using our tax payer dollars to bribe people to jump on a plane and come to TN. If people are not coming to TN it is because in order to hop on that plane they have to wear a mask. If we have that kind of money to hand out why not give it to the businesses that had to close their doors because of the ridiculous, unnecessary lock downs all meant to destroy small business and the middle class and this uninformed Governor played along.

    • Avatar
      Stuart I. Anderson says:

      Karen Bracken si, envirofascism no!

      • Avatar
        Cryan says:

        Put your money and influence where your mouth is. Remove envirofascist Bill Lee. There are plenty of good options and about 10 more months to get the best one on the primary ballot.

    • Avatar
      MARLE says:

      If people are not coming to TN it is because in order to hop on that plane they have to wear a mask.

      Really? Air Travel is NOW above pre-pandemic levels. (Business Insider). What’s Your source???

      • Avatar
        Stuart I. Anderson says:

        Let us not allow what are PERHAPS a few flat notes mar the beauty of the symphony as a whole.

      • Avatar
        James White says:

        I am going on a trip in a couple weeks, and the current policy SW arilines is to wear mask. (Hope they change before I go, but too far to drive)

        • Avatar
          Cryan says:

          You can take your mask off if you say the secret phrase (“Happy Holidays”) and either pass a pop quiz about Critical Race Theory or bake a gay wedding cake.

  • Avatar
    Taxpayer #314 says:

    Does anyone know why there was no award for clean air this time around? That seems odd. Was there no progress anywhere in our state with air quality this year?

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