Latest Bredesen TV ad trumpets record as governor

Press release from Phil Bredesen campaign

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Bredesen for Senate campaign tomorrow (Thursday) will began airing a new TV spot statewide, highlighting Phil Bredesen’s economic-development record and his plan to use Tennessee’s success as a road map for how he’ll approach economic policies in the U.S. Senate.

The 30-second spot reminds voters that, during Bredesen’s time as governor, Tennessee created more than 200,000 new jobs and generated more than $34 billion in new business investments. Bredesen worked with U.S. and transnational carmakers to expand Tennessee’s automotive industry, including bringing to the state Nissan’s North American headquarters and Volkswagen’s only North American assembly plant. On his watch, Site Selection magazine in 2008 designated Tennessee as the most competitive state for economic development.

Speaking directly into the camera in a manufacturing facility, Bredesen says:

“Tennessee needs to show Washington how to do this. I’m applying for the job.”

The Bredesen for Senate campaign is also airing the spot “Ought to Do” on digital platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter– highlighting how Bredesen views the role of a U.S. Senator: working across party lines to get things done. These two spots will continue to allow Governor Bredesen to reach Tennessee voters in all corners of the state with a clear message online and on TV, contrasting his refreshingly bipartisan track-record with the hyper-partisan gridlock of Washington.

6 Responses to Latest Bredesen TV ad trumpets record as governor

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    James White says:

    And all Marsha Blackburn has to show is the Omnibus spending bills she voted for, the ‘bridge to nowhere’ she voted for, the Debt increases she voted for and from 8 TRILLION when she first staring voting to 21 TRILLION in debt under her watch.

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    Stuart I. Anderson says:

    And the fact that the ONLY practical alternative is Bredesen whose first act upon election is to place the U.S. Senate in the hands of the Democrats who bitterly complain that Marsha and her Republican friends have not spent enough.

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    Stan Butt says:

    Interesting, don’t you think. This race is not about whether Bredesen was a fiscal responsible Governor or what was accomplished on his watch; this race is about control of the Senate! Plain and simple! Vote Bredesen in and we chance losing the thin majority in the Senate.

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    Eddie White says:

    You nailed it Stuart. What an absurd argument, stop the “big spending” Blackburn by electing a bigger spender “Bredesen.

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      Bob Fischer says:

      Bredesen knows how to balance a budget. Blackburn clearly doesn’t. I agree with one thing Stuart Anderson says. Look at their records. Blackburn in particular and Republicans in general can’t manage tax dollars. They can’t budget and they ignore the constitutional mandates for spending. The only reason to worry about which party is in charge is a thinly veiled attempt at jury-rigging. We need ethical people able to act on facts. Bredeson is clearly the competent of the two candidates.

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