Koch network launches ad targeting Bredesen

The Americans for Prosperity, the political arm of the conservative Koch network, has launched its first attack on Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen, taking him to task for supporting various tax increases and for the gall to have once spearheaded renovations and upgrades at the governor’s mansion. See the ad here.

The ad says Bredesen “wasted $9 million” on the mansion while the economy was in a tailspin and rehashes an old refrain against what the spot dubs a “party cave.” Contemporary attacks on the underground entertainment complex decried it as the “Bredesen Bunker,” but they never resonated much beyond conservative neighbors like Lee Beaman. It remains to be seen whether bringing the issue up again nearly a decade later will have more success.

The Bredesen campaign has responded with a video of its own in which the candidate says: “Well, the attacks have started and now you have to make sense of it all.”

The Bredesen campaign noted that Bredesen balanced eight budgets without an income tax when he was governor. “He also worked diligently with the legislature to raise the tobacco tax to fund education and to close corporate tax loopholes that were siphoning resources away from public safety, health care, education, and other priorities,” the campaign said in a release.

2 Responses to Koch network launches ad targeting Bredesen

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    James White says:

    Perhaps they should note the many times Deep State Marsha Blackburn voted FOR Omnibus spending bills and Increases on the Debt. Now over 21 Trillion and Big Spender Marsha Blackburn hasn’t slowed down her out of control spending. I remember her vote FOR Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.
    Marsha Blackburn votes for More Government, More Debt, and Less Freedoms.

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    MarLE says:

    I think the Koch brothers ad against Bredesen is effective. Trump, in April ’18 called the Kock brothers a JOKE in “real Republican” circles pedaling Bad ideas. Wonder if Marsha appreciates help from such terrible folks?

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