Knoxville alternative newspaper shutting down (as did its predecessor)

The Knoxville Mercury, established as an “alternative” weekly newspaper and website after the the alternative weekly Metro Pulse was closed in 2014, is now shutting down as well. Editor Coury Turczyn, formerly editor of Metro Pulse, writes in a website posting that the last issue will appear July 20.

The reason is pretty simple: We were unable to raise enough money via advertisers, readers, and large donors to sustain long-term publication.

We started the Mercury out of a unique confluence of people and events: the shut-down of Metro Pulse and the ensuing outcry, the public’s interest in supporting a new effort, and the availability of some very talented people with direct experience in writing, editing, design, and advertising. Since March 12, 2015, we’ve accomplished quite a bit under challenging circumstances—publishing award-winning stories about Knoxville and East Tennessee, along with award-winning photography, illustration, and design; gathering a loyal audience of readers from a wide range of ages and backgrounds; and establishing a media resource that stands for smart ideas and communication in a time when disinformation (or lack of relevant information) appears to rule the day. But ultimately, all of those things cost more money to produce than we were bringing in.

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