Karl Dean TV ad No. 2 entitled ‘Different Sort’

Press release from Karl Dean campaign

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 4, 2018) — The Karl Dean for Governor campaign today launched the second ad in a series of TV spots that are airing in all seven media markets across Tennessee. The ad titled “Different Sort” highlights Dean’s thoughtful style of leadership that has made him successful at bringing people together to solve tough problems.

“As mayor, I was never the loudest guy in the room. I wanted to hear the best ideas so we could do things differently. I’ll be that kind of governor too. You can read my plans on my website. But mostly, I want to hear from you,” Dean says in the 30-second ad.

The ad follows two weeks of promotion of Dean’s first TV ad, which described how the former Mayor of Nashville kept the city rising through the Great Recession with a focus on better schools, safer neighborhoods and attracting jobs.

Dean references the first ad in his second spot, saying “I’m Karl Dean and you might have seen my ad about how we kept Nashville rising during the recession. Well, 30 seconds isn’t much time to tell you how we did that ‒ or how I’d be a different sort of governor.”

Dean then describes his ability to listen to all viewpoints before making a decision as “the most important part” of how he lead Nashville through difficult times and into the booming city it is today.

Both spots are part of a series of TV ads focused on Dean’s common-sense approach to leadership that will run continuously through the August primary.

“We have received a tremendous response to our first TV ad,” Courtney Wheeler, Dean’s campaign manager, said. “In contrast with some of the other ads that have been running, voters appreciate that our message is positive, forward-looking and focused on what matters to them. Our base of supporters is growing stronger every day, and I feel certain they will once again be energized by this second ad.”

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